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The Eagle's Nest 'Ohana (Family)

WE ARE A UNIQUE FAMILY of people. We come from all over the world and many walks in life, but we share a common vision. Our purpose in life is to be more awake today than we were yesterday, every day, for the rest of our lives.

Who We Are

    HunaWisdom™ is a very ancient way of looking at the world. It was preserved among old-world Hawai'ians known as the Mo'o (moh-oh), whose original culture was perhaps the most enlightened culture to every exist. There were no kings, no warriors, no war and very little crime. The culture was centered around the notion of priesthood, which they defined as taking personal responsibility for the spiritual well-being of not only oneself, but all others with whom a person is in relationship. This priesthood was of two types. The Kahuna Kupua were the professional priests who supported the Kahuna Pile, the personal priesthood at the center of every family. The word "Kahuna" means someone who is the "keeper of the sacred/secret knowledge that wants to burst forth". For more information about how this priesthood was structured, click here.

    This culture was destroyed by a genocidal invasion mounted by a power-hungry king from Tahiti named Pa'ao in 1250 AD. He replaced their system with the system of the Ali'i, an elitist group who saw only themselves as Divine. All other beings existed to serve them. They were a blood-thirsty and vicious people who killed the most important priests they found along with every member of their families. Those left became slaves.

    At that time it was prophesied that their Message would one day return when it could "Fly Around the World As If On The Wings of a Bird." They said it would happen before a time of great darkness, when a new Ali'i (group of elitists) would arise with the intention of world domination. In that day these elite would encourage a secular (without God) view of the world so they could justify a God-less morality based solely on the opinions of those who gained monetary power. The pain these people would deliver would cause the world to once again look for God, and in so doing, give up all notion's of proprietary gods to embrace the Real God, the God that is the ALL THAT IS, the God of us all.

    That time is now.

Who We Are Not

    Over the years there have many books written on the subject of Huna. Many of these talk about Huna in a way that bears little resemblance to what the Mo'o taught. While we respect these works and their authors, it is important that people realize that this work has very little in common with many of the ideas some people now associate with "Huna."

Who Are Hunist's

    Because we follow the path of HunaWisdom™, members of the Eagle's Nest Family are known as Hunists. To understand what that means, it helps to know the meaning of the word "Huna" as the Mo'o (old-world Hawai'ians) see it. Like all Hawai'ian words, it has several levels of meaning depending on how it is used. 

    At a surface level, Huna can mean something that is a secret. At a deeper level, it refers to a sacred inner awareness that is waiting to "burst forth." Until this inner awareness comes to the surface, it remains a secret to us, and we find ourselves living in a needy place, subject to the spiritual pain of fear. 

    Hunists are committed to unfolding that inner awareness in order to see our connection to ALL THAT IS, in a way that causes this awareness to become Real to us - not just another idea. 

    To better understand what that means, you can click on the link below to access our podcast on this subject, or read the article below. Either way, the ideas presented are thought-provoking and profound, and representative of what we are all about.

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    It helps to know the meaning of the word "Huna" as the old-world Hawai'ians see it. Like all Hawai'ian words, it has several levels of meaning depending on how it is used. At a surface level, Huna can mean something that is a secret. At a deeper level, it refers to a sacred inner awareness that is waiting to "burst forth." Until this inner awareness comes to the surface, it remains a secret to us, and we find ourselves living in a needy place, subject to the spiritual pain of fear. Hiunists are committed to unfolding that inner awareness in order to see our connection to ALL THAT IS, and this awareness becomes Real to us - not just an idea.

    To the extent people are unaware of that sacred connection, people try to hide their fear with the noise of debate and other ego-driven behaviors like becoming "tough" or justifying some kind of "victim" story. (Yes, deciding to live as a "victim" is an ego-driven behavior.) It becomes important to be seen as "worthy" by doing things that your family/friends/community see as good, right, and fair. This tendency drives people and the cultures they create to become ideological, whether it be about religion, politics, or some other aspect of human interaction. This is why becoming ideological is actually evidence of unconsciousness - whether personal or whether it applies to an entire culture.

    Being ideological means being driven by need. To the extent people NEED to be good, they NEED to make others who don't agree with their version of good - bad. To the extent they NEED to be right, they NEED to make others who don't agree with their version of right - wrong. To the extent they NEED to be fair, they NEED to make people who don't agree with their opinion of what fair is - wrong. 

    Notice that notions of good/bad, right/wrong, fair/unfair are merely opinions about Reality. They are personal realities (with the little "r") not Reality (with the big "R") itself. We talk more about the important difference between these two in the Way of Wisdom classes, but suffice it to say for the purpose of this piece, not knowing the difference is the home of pain. 

    Hunists work at avoiding that trap by noticing where their behavior is being driven by need, and identifying the place of inner fear that is driving that need. That place is something Hunists are uniquely equipped to heal, so by facing the hidden inner places where fear lives, Hunists have nothing to lose but pain. For a Hunist, applying the tools and perspectives of HunaWisdom to heal spiritual pain is a life-long journey, and one of the main reasons we are experiencing this dream we call life. We also discuss this concept in more depth in our Way of Wisdom series of classes on enlightenment.

    Hunists heal fear by recognizing that all beings, no matter who or what they are, are made out of and connected in the ALL THAT IS that is God. Because God expresses through all-time as Love, our job is to learn what Love is so we can live in Harmony with it, and thereby enjoy the magic and mystery that is our life.

    True Love is the marriage of Life and Light. Another way of putting it is that Life energy flows where there is Light. This is true whether the arena is the World of Form (light causes plants to grow) or the World of Spirit (the Light of Consciousness/Awareness.) Fear can't live in the Light, because in the Light of Consciousness, it is obvious there is nothing to fear. That is because in the Light, we recognize that everything is made out of Reality/God/ALL THAT IS and that this ALL THAT IS is made out of Love. In that Recognition, fear evaporates. Without that Recognition/Light, fear blocks the flow of life energy. We experience that blockage as pain. That is why fear is a form of spiritual pain.

    Hunists are tuned-into the self-evident fact that there is such a thing as the ALL THAT IS. While our human minds live in a place that is far too small to comprehend the entirety of what ALL THAT IS actually IS, we can intuitively know that it must be True/Real. We can also Recognize that this ALL THAT IS is completely connected through all dimensions of time, space, and any other dimension we may discover. For that reason we define the word "God" to be the ALL THAT IS. No other definition can make any sense.   

    If the ALL THAT IS, is God, then this is a God that even athiests can accept because there can be no doubt that there is such a thing as the ALL THAT IS. A refusal to accept a God defined to be the ALL THAT IS is intellectually dishonest, whether a person identifies as an athiest or an ideological religionist. 

    How can we put religionists in the same camp as athiests? Simple. It is because certain religions define god in proprietary terms that don't include ALL THAT IS. In some religions, god is contained by time, and does not include certain "unworthy" beings who are condemned to a place of eternal torment. In other words, this kind of god is said to create beings who are not really a part of this god. In other words, this god is essentially separate from this god's creation. Such a god is not ALL THAT IS, and postulating that kind of god is no different that postulating that there is no such thing as god for any smaller definition of that word makes no sense. In fact, that is why most athiests feel the way they do about the notion of god. Because the term has been co-opted by religions, they have always encountered the idea of god in this way. It is an idea that makes no sense, so they can't subscribe to the idea and be intellectually honest at the same time.

    That idea becomes the birthplace for this notion of "worthiness", upon which proprietary religions feed like vampires on the souls of the unwary. If these beings misbehave, it is because they are the "enemies" of this god, and thereby become the very personification of "evil". For that reason they are not seen as "worthy" to live in the presence of this god. By this defective logic, this god can cut off a part of godself and condemn it to eternal suffering because that part of god is unconscious. 

For this to make sense, this kind of god must be contained by time. Otherwise, if God contains time, God knows the end from the beginning. Why would God create beings whom God knows will be condemned to an eternity of suffering? This cannot be Real if God manifests as Love. Further, only this kind of god can play favorites. For a religion's god to play favorites, only those who do that religion's bidding are "worthy" to be "saved" and those who refuse are "unworthy" and "damned". This also is antithetical to the idea of a God that is the ALL THAT IS.

In contrast, the Real God, the ALL THAT IS, contains time. God is not contained by time or by definition, God could not be God because God would not contain ALL THAT IS. In other words, if God is contained by time, time would be God instead of the other way around. Let that sink in for a moment.

If the Real God is the ALL THAT IS, then God and God's creation cannot be essentially separate or God would not include ALL THAT IS. That is why the idea of an eternal hell makes no sense - except to a religion that wants to control people. In other words, you - whomever you are, as well as every other being, is made out of God, for there is nothing else out of which you or anything else can be made. That not only includes you and all others as individual beings, but it also includes every part of your life - no matter how ugly and unloving it appears. Let that sink in for a moment. How can a God made out of Love allow unloving and therefore unconscious behavior? It has everything to do with the nature and purpose of this dream we call life. We also explain this in detail in the Way of Wisdom, and for most people, holding that Truth in your mind does not require belief, but it will require your mind to stretch. 

    It is important to recognize that "stretching" your mind is NOT the same thing as believing something. The two are quite distinct. Belief can only live in small minds that are willing to accept a "story" as a substitute for Truth. In contrast, Truth requires no belief because Truth can be Recognized.  It simply requires a mind-space big enough to comprehend it, and that usually means that mind-space must expand to the point where it can hold Truth. 

    For example, in earlier times most people believed that the world is a flat plain over which a bowl is suspended that forms our sky. The sun travels across the bowl in the day, and retires to the underworld during the night. Some people still believe that. That is simple, but it is only a belief. Being a belief, it is not Truth. Like all beliefs, it is only a substitute for Truth when people don't know better. What is True is that the earth is a round planet that exists suspended in space in orbit around our sun. It is one of several planets that also orbit around our sun, as a result of a mysterious force called gravity. In fact our earth is only a very small part (in size) of our solar system, of which there are hundreds of billions in our galaxy. Our galaxy, in turn, is only one of hundreds of billions of galaxies, all of which orbit around a nearly infinite and incomprehensibly massive object called a "black hole" that concentrates so much gravity that even light cannot escape its grip. 

    For someone conditioned to believe the former "story", their mind will have to "stretch" quite a bit to accommodate the latter idea. Hunists enjoy learning how to stretch or expand their minds so they can replace beliefs with Recognizable Truths. This ability to stretch one's mind is a skill called Humility, and learning how to be Humble or "stretch one's mind" is one important goal of our Way of Wisdom Classes.

    So, how do Hunists account for evil? Without a doubt there is such a thing. Evil is the absence of Life that takes place in the absence of Light. In other words, evil is behavior rooted in the darkness of unconsciousness. Did you ever notice that "evil" is "live" spelled backwards? That is a great way to define evil. Because there is evil, there is also a "hell" but it is not a place of eternal torment. Instead, it is the place of fear that we must live in until we gain the awareness of who God IS, and who we are as a part of that God. Only through that awareness can we begin to Recognize what Love is, so we can do Love.

    Hunists define "Love" as a "doing" thing, not a feeling. It is doing that which is in the highest and best interests of all involved. That is the only way to be in Harmony with the ALL THAT IS that is God. In our culture, Love is often confused with the feeling of caring. This is a dangerous mistake - especially when it comes to human interactions. 

    Look at it this way. Let's imagine a parent who has a child in school. This child has homework. This child, like most children, would rather play his/her latest video game or watch TV instead of doing his/her homework. What is the parent to do? People trapped by caring may allow the child to do what the child feels like doing, rationalizing that allowing the child to manifest his/her feelings is more important than insisting that the child do his/her homework. People who intend to Love their children, may take the video game or TV privileges away from the child until that child not only does his/her homework, but also does it with a positive attitude.

In the first case the child is taught that it is OK to be driven by feelings - no matter the consequences. In the second case, the child is taught that choices have consequences, and that self-discipline - not allowing oneself to be driven by feelings - is the key to success in life. If the parent is really Loving, the child will also be taught that the choice to be sovereign (bigger than giving into the demands of one's feelings) is the key to unlocking a vital sense of self-worth. 

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize which path is more Loving. In fact, in this example it becomes easy to see that caring gets in the way of Loving. That is why HunaWisdom teaches that: 


    Caring creates attachment, and attachment is not healthy because it carries with it a lack of personal sovereignity. People who become attached to other people are easily pushed around and live in a place of constant reaction instead of a place of conscious choice.

    The problem in our modern culture is that we have enjoyed a level of abundance and comfort that makes it very tempting for people to get lost in their feelings, and in an attempt to justify their pursuit of comfort, they argue vigorously for their limitations. That's OK. That is a path that is neither "bad" nor "wrong." It is simply a path that inevitably leads to pain. That is also why HunaWisdom teaches us that: 

                                                                  "GROWTH AND COMFORT SELDOM COME IN THE SAME PACKAGE."

    Hunists are people who prefer the discomfort or effort it takes to grow to the pain that is sure to come from the unbridled pursuit of comfort/pleasure. Like anyone, they enjoy comforts and the things that bring pleasure, they just don't make the pursuit of such things the priority in their lives. To do so in unbalanced, and they realize that what HunaWisdom teaches is True, and that is:

                                                                                LIFE ENERGY FLOWS WHERE THERE IS BALANCE.

    Instead of pursuing money, status, and a fancy home, car, and boat, Hunists prefer to live a life where self-discipline allows them to master their gifts and talents so they can enjoy the life-energy that comes from serving the Circle of Life in a spirit of Loving service. Those things may come, but to a Hunist, they are not as important as spiritual growth through learning how to be in Loving service to the Circle of Life. Hunists recognize that giving up the latter to attain the former is a very poor trade that can never result in a truly happy, vibrant, and meaningful life.

    That vision has meaning when such a person is compared to someone who is 40 years old, who didn't want to do his/her homework so he/she squandered opportunities for an education, and is relegated to living in their parents basement where they spend their days playing video games and smoking pot. Of course this is only an example but it serves to illustrate the difference between someone who is driven by their feelings versus a person who is self-disciplined and uses every opportunity to master his/her gifts and talents. Again, people trapped by their feelings and the need for comfort are not "wrong" nor "bad", but whether they realize it or not, they are in pain. This is why HunaWisdom teaches that: 


    Love is the nature of the Real God, the ALL THAT IS. It is the nature of how this God exists through ALL TIME (eternity), in ALL DIMENSIONS, even including the ones we can't see from where we are standing in any moment. In other words, Love is the expression of God's Harmony with all aspects of Godself. If God was not in Harmony with Godself, God could not be God. Saying God IS Love, is the same as saying God DOES Love throughout all time and space. If not, God/Universe/Reality/ALL THAT IS would not exist. If God/Love/Reality/ALL THAT IS did not exist, Life would not exist and neither would we. In fact we do exist. Because we know we exist, we know we must exist in the Loving matrix that is the ALL THAT IS.

    Because we see ourselves as an undeniable part of the ALL THAT IS that is God, Hunists don't see people (including themselves) as "unworthy" when we fail to do Love. This is what the Master Jesus meant when using the word "sin." Sin is a Greek word that means "to miss the mark." The distance between where the arrow hit the target and the bullseye was referred to as the "sin." Sin is the product of unconsciousness. We see ourselves and all others who fail to Love or "sin" as unconscious. Because the hell-realms are the realms of unconsciousness, we leave hell the instant we "wake-up" to Reality. In other words, we are "saved" from hell by the Light of Consciousness, which can also be called the Christ-Light. This is the true meaning of Jesus's Message. 

If we are all undeniable parts of the ALL THAT IS that is God, then it is not hard to see that each of us are Divine. To some people this is a shocking and blasphemous idea. That kind of characterization was invented by kings and priests who use it to control their "subjects." In fact, Jesus said: "My Father and your Father are the same Father." Ancient writings that have been discovered make it clear that the Message of Jesus is the same as the Message of HunaWisdom. That Message is that just as Jesus is the son of God, the ALL THAT IS, so are each of us. It has to be. No other idea can possibly be True/Real.

    As ancient writings continue to be discovered, it becomes ever clearer that this is the reason Jesus was crucified. His religion couldn't tolerate Jesus teaching something like that, nor could the Romans, who needed their subjects to believe that only the emperor was Divine. It is also the reason Constantine (a pagan sun-worshipper throughout his life) discarded any writings that conveyed that impression, in favor of Paul's teachings, who was a Roman soldier related to Herod, and who never heard Jesus speak or teach in person. It is also why the early apostles or followers of Jesus hated Paul, and considered him a traitor to Jesus's Message. This is why Christianity is now viewed by many scholars in terms of pre-Pauline Christianity and post-Pauline Christianity. The two are very different things. Look it up with an open mind and an honest heart and see for yourself what you can Recognize to be True. For many people, stretching their minds in that way might feel very scary, but the result is no less than liberating. It is like walking out of a dark cave into the Light. You will discover that you will not lose your soul. The only thing you have to lose is pain.

    In other words, Hunists see Jesus as a courageous teacher who honored his calling as a priest, by delivering the Universal Message that God is the ALL THAT IS, and each of us are an undeniable part of that ALL THAT IS, and therefore Divine. It is a Universal Message because it is the same Message all true priests have carried throughout human history. Jesus taught that the God's greatest commandment is: "Love God (honor God's essential nature) with all your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself." That was Jesus's Message in a nutshell, and that is our Message. There is no difference between us. The only difference that comes up is what religionists create when they try to convince people that God and God's creation - including each of us - are essentially separate. Such is a lie. Figuring out how to create that illusion out of Jesus's actual Message was the major purpose of the Council of Nicea in 325 AD.

    If we are all a part of the ALL THAT IS that is the Real/True God, then we are all Divine, and each of us owe  all things the respect due to fellow Divine Beings. As Divine Beings, we each come here to this life with "sacred space" or what the Founding Fathers of America called "inalienable rights." 

    Hunists recognize that because our rights come to us as a condition of our Divinity, or from God, we have a sacred responsibility to honor those rights for ourselves and all others. That is Love. What it does not mean is that we allow people in their unconsciousness to violate our sacred space without a consequence designed to teach them that such a violation does not work. To allow that is not Love. That is true whether the person violating our sacred space is a family member, a friend, or a government. 

    In that regard, Hunists recognize that God is the source of our rights - not government. The only rights a government can have are the rights we already have as a condition of our existence as Divine beings. Where it makes sense we can delegate those rights to a government for a specific and limited purpose. 

    For example, I have the right to keep my home from burning down so I can band with others to create a fire department so I don't have to sit on my front porch with a hose in case a fire breaks out. In so doing, I delegate the right I already have to the fire department to act on my behalf. Similarly, I have the right to keep my home safe and my wife from being raped, and my children from being kidnapped. Because I have that right, I can band together with other citizens to create a police department and delegate my right to safety to the police so they can act on my behalf. I also have a right to live free of the threat of foreign invaders who might be determined to take my home, so I can band with other citizens to create a military that can protect me from such a thing better than I can protect myself. In so doing I delegate certain rights I already have to that military to act on my behalf. But as soon as government gets the idea that we get our rights from it instead of the other way around, it is time for a new government. 

    That was the whole point of the Revolutionary War. It is also because our ancestors honored that idea, that America became the most powerful country the world has ever known. Freedom to make those choices we see to be in our highest and best interests is the motivating force behind productivity or pain. Either way, freedom requires that we get the consequences of those choices. That is how we grow in wisdom and learn how to make better choices that are not so painful. That is why caring about a person in an effort to help them avoid their consequences for unwise choices is not Loving. To do that deprives them of the most reliable teacher they will ever have, and that teacher is called pain. Pain is what happens when we make unwise choices. It is part of God's plan and essential to how our world operates. Who among you is so arrogant that you think you know what is better for a loved one than God?

    Understanding what Love is, and living according to the universal law of Love is the bedrock of Universal Harmony and Peace. That is because Love is the nature and purpose of Reality/God/Universe/ALL THAT IS. Only by learning how to Love, will we ever be able to enjoy the peace and abundance that is our birthright. 

    No matter who we are or where we come from, to achieve our goal means that Hunists hold four important ideas in common.

  1. The only definition for the word "God" that makes any sense is God is the ALL THAT IS.    

  2. Because everything is an undeniable part of this ALL THAT IS, every person as well as every part of our lives is made out of God for there is nothing else out of which we can be made. Because each of us come to this life as a part of God, each of us is endowed with "sacred space" or what the Founding Fathers of the United States of America called "unalienable rights." We affirm the Principle that no government can morally have any right that does not derive from the sacred space of the individual and that such individuals agree to delegate to that government.   

  3. We Recognize that it is both our inalienable right and our personal responsibility to enjoy the unfolding of our awareness into Enlightenment. We see that process as the purpose of our lives and our birthright as Children of the only Real God - the ALL THAT IS. To do that requires that we support each person's right to make choices and receive the consequences of those choices. Those people who make wise choices deserve the right to enjoy the peace and prosperity that flow from such choices. Those people who make poor choices must be allowed to endure the pain that results from such choices, because only by allowing people to receive the pain that is the result of poor choices can they learn how to make wiser choices. Because we are Hunists, the Eagle's Nest Family encourages each member no matter their age, race, gender, sexual preference, or nationality, to master their unique gift so they can return it to the Circle of Life in a place of Loving Service. We also encourage each member to master the arts of self-discipline and loving service so they can enjoy the sense of self-worth and the prosperity and abundance that comes from doing so.

  4. Hunists have a deep appreciation for the ancient wisdom of Ho'ala Huna because it allows us to undertake our journey into Self-realization with unparalleled clarity and power. As we grow in Awareness we grow in Power. Because we know this to be True we pledge our support to any member of our family who can bring some dimension of awareness and strength to our membership. We only require that it is done in a way that is in Harmony with Reality and the Principles we know to be true.

    We invite all people of any race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or political persuasion to stand with us as valued members of the Eagle's Nest Family. You can check the benefits of membership in our family by clicking here. 

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