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The Nature of Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a state of existence wherein a person comes to Realize their Divine Nature. This Realization is different than belief, faith, or hope. It comes from the clear and sober Recognition that God is the ALL THAT IS, and that everything is made out of that God for there is nothing else out of which anything can be made. Further, this life we see as so real is actually nothing more than a dream, and the purpose of coming to this life is to experience a mirror. 

Only by dreaming that we are not Divine, can we come to know the value of our Divine nature. Only by experiencing dark can we appreciate the value of light. Only by experiencing pain can we appreciate the value of joy. Armed with this awareness, enlightened or self-realized persons transcend fear. In this awareness, the dream becomes a game called "Let's Wake Up!" From this perspective life becomes an enjoyable experience - no matter how difficult it may appear in any moment. After all, when you realize your soul is really a Divine essence that is eternal and above being harmed, what is there to fear?

HunaWisdomâ„¢ is a spiritual journey that is the clearest path to the sacred state of Enlightenment that exists. Unlike most religions, the path requires no faith in some proprietary belief system. Rather, it requires only that the person be willing to listen with an open mind and hold what is heard in the Light of Reason. 

Enlightenment requires no belief. Belief gets in the way of Reason. Your inborn gift of Reason is the only compass you will need for this journey.

Contrary to that which is taught by some people, Enlightenment is not hard. It is the easiest way to live! It is your birthright as a Divine child of God. When you live in the Light you live completely free of fear. You are at peace. You are empowered to truly Love. You can easily afford to be compassionate toward those who still struggle in hell-realms created the darkness of belief.

What is hard is that the journey requires that the traveler shed ALL unreal beliefs to comprehend the perfection of Reality for what it is, instead of what we would like it to be. This can be a great challenge to those who have been taught that to divert from their "faith" is to lose one's soul. In fact, if you have the courage, your will soon discover that by taking this journey into Light, the only thing you have to lose is pain.

Religions try to hold onto their power over others by telling people that teachers of Enlightenment are operating cults. That may be true in some cases, but we are not a cult. A cult requires people to blindly follow a leader. We are the opposite of a cult. We teach that the credential is always in the Message - never in the messenger. That means you inborn capacity to Reason is your Divine compass. All that is required is that you be able to honestly hear the Message. Respect for your teacher is appropriate - but never a substitute for the Message.

Because the Message is Real its Truth is self-evident. Like all Truth, once heard and understood this Message must be properly honored for what it can give to our world. 

That is why the ancient kahuna taught:

"Belief is necessary only for that which is not Real. That which is Real can be Recognized - and it works, reliably and flawlessly!      

Because our Message is Real its truth is Self-Evident. In this way it is just like the Principles enumerated in the Declaration of Independence that form the spiritual foundation of the United States of America. Principles like these require no belief - only honor for what they can give to our world.

As was true anciently, our message of HunaWisdom contains the skills and perspectives that lead to "Ka Hana Pono", Hawai'ian words that mean "To live in harmony with Reality."   

We do this work because we have discovered the power of HunaWisdom  to help us see what is Real about ourselves and our world.   For us, this desire to stand in Harmony with Reality (to be Enlightened) is the most powerful way to Live because it supports us to be the most Responsible/Loving human beings we can be.   

Every person is on a path that will unfailingly lead them to Enlightenment. We all wake up Home, sooner or later. The only choice we have is how much pain we want to endure before we wake up. That is a personal and sacred choice, and one we do not judge. However for those who are ready to wake up,  we honor HunaWisdom as one of the clearest paths to Enlightenment that exists. We honor it for its clarity and its power, and the gifts it bestows in our lives and by extension, to our world.

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