Understanding Enlightenment

"Enlightenment is not hard. It is the easiest way to live. What is hard is living in a way that is out of touch with Reality."

Enlightenment is a process that involves freeing oneself of closely held unreal beliefs. Because these kinds of beliefs are substitutes for Reality, and not Reality itself, this may seem scary but there is nothing to lose but pain. The ancient Hawai'ians have an important way of looking at this they say is over 40,000 years old.

"Belief is necessary only for that which is not Real. That which is Real can be Recognized, and it works reliably and flawlessly!"

Leaving behind unreal beliefs is the only path that leads to true freedom and personal sovereignty. This takes the noise off the channel so a person can come to an acceptance of Reality for what it IS, instead of what we would like or prefer it to be. 

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