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More About Lono Ho'ala

Lono Ho'ala, our priesthood leader was ordained in Hawai'i by the Mo'o in 1992. He, in turn, ordains others who have mastered the ability to do this work in a spirit of unconditional love. This creates a powerful spiritual link between ourselves and our ancestors.

Lono is a white man, born in a small mountain town high in the Colorado Rockies. As a little boy he knew he was born to be a priest. He talked about it all the time to the point that his family, being devout Catholics, thought that he would become a Catholic priest. Accordingly, at 13 years of age they sent him to a Benedictine monastery called Holy Cross Abbey in Canon City Colorado for High School. 

This was an all-boys school run by Benedictine monks. A few boys were there because, like Lono, they thought they wanted to be Benedictine priests. Others were discipline problems and their parents were very wealthy people who wanted the monks to "straighten out" their boys. The majority were boys from families who simply wanted to make sure that their boys got the best Catholic education possible.

Unlike most of the boys, Lono was passionate about following a priesthood path. But he has one annoying habit. He always wants to know how "real/true" something is before making a commitment. Accordingly, he began an in-depth study of the origins and development of the Catholic Church. Like most Catholics, he had always been taught that the Catholic Church is the one true church because Jesus laid His hands on Peter and said: "Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." That made Peter the first pope, and there was an unbroken line of popes going back to Peter ever since. 

Lono was shocked to discover that his research into this claim proved the claim to be false. He also discovered that Constantine, a Roman emperor who was a pagan sun-worshiper, created the first unified "Christian Doctrine" at the Counsel of Nicea in 325 AD. In researching it further, he discovered that what Jesus actually may have taught before Paul entered the scene was quite a different thing than what Paul claimed Jesus taught. 

Paul was a Roman soldier who was deeply involved with the myth of Mithris, as were most Romans of his day. While growing up in Tarsus, Paul learned from these soldiers that Mithras had been born in a manger to a virgin on December 25th and that he was surrounded by shepherds. He learned that Mithras was One with Ahura Mazda, the Father in Heaven, and had arrived on Earth to do his Father’s work.  And he was informed that after a prolonged battle with Ahriman, the Evil One, Mithras gathered together 12 devotees for a Last Supper, during which a communion of wine and bread representing his blood and body were consumed by all those present. Mithras died soon after this event, but then he arose from the dead three days later. Then, while preparing for his Ascension, Mithras prophesied his return at the End of Time for one last battle against Ahriman. 

The correlation of this story with Constantine's influence during the debates about the "official" canon of Christianity combined with the then relatively recent discoveries of the Gospel of Thomas, the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient writings led Lono to realize the "myth" of Catholicism was deeply involved with myths regarding who Jesus was and what Jesus actually taught. What Lono learned - that he couldn't get out of his mind - is that what Jesus was actually teaching was that each of us, including himself, are Divine children of the same Divine Father. The whole fight embroiling the early Christian community was over that exact point. Was Jesus a person who taught that he and his Father were Divine Beings, and that all of us were not and had to depend on him for their salvation, or was that all a story concocted to keep people under the thumb of the church?

The end result is that Lono left not only the monastery but also all conventional forms of Christianity. This was difficult for him however, because he still recognized Jesus to be a master teacher of spiritual ideas - so important that humanity marks time from the supposed date of his birth. What made the transition even more difficult is that because of this decision, his entire family disowned him - many of whom still have never talked to him in the many years since.

After leaving the Catholic church Lono was rudderless for years. Eventually he married and had children, but the marriage was very troubled. That is when he came across Mormonism. When he realized they taught the idea that: "As man is, God once was, and as God is, man may become." This was compelling to Lono, so he and his family were baptized into the Mormon Church. Once there, he rose in the ranks rapidly. His devotion to Mormonism however, became the final nail in the coffin of his marriage. 

After a couple of years Lono married his second wife, Kaikelani. They moved to a small farm just outside the small village of Penrose Colorado. There Lono suffered an accident that would result in a profound change in his life. While trying to retrieve the bloated body of a puppy that drowned in the crawl space of their home, Lono crawled into 18 inches of water under the home, not realizing that the electric hot water heater - which was submerged in that water - was still live. He suffered an extreme electrical shock that "killed" him. What he experienced was the "life after death" experience that so many others have talked about. The complete story of what he experiences is published as "The River of Light" that appears elsewhere on this site. Approximately two years later, he suffered a second "death" due to severe electrical damage that was done to his heart in the first accident. During these two events, Lono experienced insights and awarenesses that got him ready for what was to come in Hawai'i. Shortly thereafter he left the Mormon church.

How Lono arrived in Hawai'i, and what happened after that arrival is contained in more detail in his autobiography entitled: "A Journey Into Light." What is most important, is that through these experiences, Lono came to understand why, as a child, he knew he was born to be a priest. This website is the fulfillment of the prophecy that when the dark-skinned brother reunites with his light-skinned brother, the Message would soon "Fly Around The World, As If On Wings Of A Bird." When this reunion took place where prophesied in a place marked "Lair of the Dragon" above Pu'uhonua o Honaunau, there was no internet. Today, because of the internet, that prophecy has come true. The Message is making its way around the world. Perhaps it is just in time for our world is in the kind of pain that only this Message can heal.

Kahana is Lono's spiritual twin brother. When he was 2 years old he was taken by his grandmother to be raised in the ancient tradition of the Mo'o because at his birth, he was prophesied to be the dark-skinned priest who would find his light-skinned brother

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