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Our Mission

Restoring Old World Wisdom That Can Heal New World Lives

The Ho'ala Huna Foundation is a 501C-3 non-profit foundation whose mission is to bring old world wisdom into new world lives. We do this so our world can become a richer, more sustainable place for our children and their children to live in harmony and peace.

By old world wisdom we mean the wisdom held by various tribes of indigenous peoples whose lifestyles remain very close to the earth. These people include the aboriginal Americans, Polynesians, Africans, and Australians to name but a few. What these people have in common is that their survival demands that they exist in complete harmony with the earth and her gifts. They have no drug stores or emergency rooms. Their medicines and their entire lifestyles come directly from the land upon which they live.

Many westerners make the mistake of believing that because these people’s approach to life is not based on new world technology that it is somehow primitive or unsophisticated. This is not only foolish, but it is also arrogant. Well over 50% of our most valuable pharmaceuticals are derived from plants used by tribal shaman to cure the same illnesses our modern drugs are designed to treat. The vast majority of these synthetic imitations are hard-pressed to match the effectiveness of their more “natural” counterparts. From a spiritual perspective, some of these cultures - particularly that of the pre-Ali'i Hawai'ians, enjoyed societal structures far more "civilized" than our own.

These people have much to share, not only in terms of medicine, but also in terms of family values and ways of relating to each other and the wider world that is our home. One of the clearest and most comprehensive statements of that old world wisdom is contained in the message of Ho'ala Huna (a.k.a. HunaWisdom™.) The purpose of the Ho'ala Huna Foundation is to bring that message to the modern world.

The Foundation supports a world-wide fellowship known as the Eagle’s Nest 'Ohana. 'Ohana is the Hawai’ian word for family. Literally translated it means “those who share the same inner breath.” 

​It is a word that recognizes that one’s true family consists of those who share the same perspectives about life.

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