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The Way Of Wisdom offers a magical adventure. It is a powerful way to walk the path of personal enlightenment and empowerment. It is presented as a series of classes. Each class is in the form of a podcast/webcast so you can listen on your computer,  in your car, on your smart TV, or on your tablet. 

The first three classes are free so you can decide if the program would be valuable to you. Each subsequent class is available by a donation.  You get to choose the amount. The HunaWisdom™ Foundation is second Native American Church approved by the IRS so all donations are tax deductible.

New classes are added frequently. 

For the best experience, consider taking the courses in order because each course builds on the previous course. Also, the material presented can be very profound. While everything is common sense, you may have to give your mind room to stretch a bit to allow the concept in, so don't be afraid to repeat each course until you understand it.

Introductory Courses

Fascinating and Free

The Nature of Enlightenment

Unwise choices in life cause pain. Unconsciousness is the reason we make unwise choices. Enlightenment is the path out of unnecessary pain. Most people think achieving that state of awareness is difficult if not impossible. In fact, it is the easiest way to live. The perspectives offered by the Way of Wisdom will put you on the path.

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What is HunaWisdom?

HunaWisdom™ is pure science. It is a way of looking at life that works to unlock personal power while its Light brings peace and freedom from fear. It is elegant and clear. 

True science is an exploration of Reality as it actually is, instead of what we would like it to be. Science discovers the "is-ness" of how the world is constructed. 

Most people throughout human history have not been able to see Reality because of beliefs that get in the way. Beliefs are substitutes for true understandings of Reality. 

HunaWisdom™ dispels the need for beliefs about who we are and what we are doing here. Find out the true answers to these questions and how to use these answers to unlock new dimensions of personal power here.

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IThe Origin of HunaWisdom™

HunaWisdom™ came to Hawa'i sometime before the time of Christ with a group of people who settled the island chain and used its principles to create one of the most enlightened societies ever to exist on the face of this planet. For over 1,500 years, there was no war and very little crime. This enlightened culture was destroyed by a genocide mounted by a power-hungry Tahitian ruler named Pa'ao around 1,250 AD. He replaced their enlightened way of living with the blood-thirsty reign of the Ali'i.

These earliest inhabitants called themselves Mo'o (moh-oh.) "Mo'o" is a Hawai'ian word that means lizards, but at the deeper level means "dragon." That's because these pre-Ali'i Hawai'ians were led by an enlightened priesthood known as the "dragon priests" who helped them transcend fear to live enlightened lives. 

Remarkably, these people prophesied that after their culture was lost to these tyrannical invaders, their message of Ho'ala Huna (what we call HunaWisdom today) would return when it could "fly around the world as if on wings of a bird." That this would happen just before great pain was unleashed on the whole of humanity by a new and God-less Ali'i (elite) that would attempt to rule the world.

Their Message has returned. It is "flying around the world as if on wings of a bird" through this website. These people are speaking to us today through the mists of time. Learn more about them here.

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Courses By Donation

This is simple. The Way of Wisdom has the power to change lives and set souls free, but how much power it will have in your life depends on how you value it. We can't determine that for you. You must do that for yourself. For that reason, each class is available by donation. Donate as much or as little as you want. You will get what you pay for. 

We have taught movie stars and celebrities who were alcoholics and drug addicts. In exchange for an afternoon, they made a donation that would seem very generous by most standards, but for them, was less than their average wine tab at their favorite restaurant. Accordingly, they left with little more than an interesting story to tell their friends. On the other hand, we have taught Native American families scarred by alcoholism for several days in exchange for a lamb worth about $25. For them, it amounted to nearly a month of food for their entire family. These people had very little, so this donation really meant something to them. As a result, their family healed in a powerful way. To this day, alcohol has no more power over their lives. 

The same principle applies here. Only you can determine the value of what you learn here. We pass it on in a spirit of Loving service. Our prayer is that you heal.

The True Nature of God

Most religions teach that God is "out there" somewhere, but that we are fundamentally separate from this God, and that unless we do certain things to please this God, "he" will condemn us to a "hell" for eternity. A rapidly growing number of people say there is no such thing as this kind of God, but they throw the baby out with the bathwater when they begin to deny the existence of any God whatsoever. This secular notion is very dangerous, because it relegates standards of moral behavior to personal whim and leaves a person without a spiritual rudder in the seas of life which are becoming more tumultuous by the day.

The Way of Wisdom is based on perspectives that will allow you to see that God does exist, that God is personal and totally involved in your life, and do it in a way that requires no belief. 

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The True Nature of Self

The True Nature of Self

To have any real inkling about who you are, you must first come to a basic understanding of the true nature of God. Only then can you start to appreciate who you are, why you are the way you are, and how to create the kind of balance in yourself that leads to a true sense of purpose and worth. Not surprisingly, this is also the only way to understand the purpose and worth of everything else "outside" of you, including not only every other person no matter their color, gender, or way of manifesting themselves, but also the animals, plants, and even the earth itself.

In learning what you are made of, you will find a new ability to create a sense of inner balance that is the key to a life that is joyful. You will learn how to live with courage and purpose. Most importantly, you will learn how to truly love yourself regardless of what others may think of you, and how to connect with the Circle of Life in a more powerful way than you ever dreamed possible.

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Understanding The True Nature of Life

The True Nature of Life

Once you understand the true nature of God, and your true nature in relationship to the Real God, then the next question is "What Am I Doing Here In This Place I See As My Life?"

This Message will convey a surprising and real answer to this question. You will discover new perspectives about why you are here and rest assured, those perspectives will be enlightening. Best of all, as with all of HunaWisdom™ no belief is required - only an open mind that is willing to stretch a bit so it can hold the true answer.

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Understanding Malu

Throughout history, human beings have instinctively been aware of the presence of evil, even if they haven't understood where it comes from or why it exists. Many religions explain it by referring to "demons" or the "devil". In doing so they are not far off the mark. HunaWisdom™ affirms that such evil spiritual presences do, in fact, exist. We call them "malu" which translates into "life-taking spirits." 

Many, if not most people, cannot understand why a loving God would allow such evil to exist in our world. For some, it becomes a further proof that there is no God. We understand, but once you understand who God really is, who you really are, and why you are here, the idea of malu becomes not only reasonable, but essential to the purpose of life.

In this lesson you will learn the nature of malu, their purpose, and from where they derive their power. You will also learn the true nature of the hell-realms where they dwell. Most importantly, you will learn how to take your power back from the malu, whether they are in you or in someone else. Don't be too quick to dismiss this lesson as fiction or myth. If you do, you will miss a vital way of dealing with the pain caused by unconsciousness.

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Understanding Relationship - Keys To A Happy Life

Once you understand the true nature of God, yourself, and the purpose of your life, you can begin to understand the true nature of you relationship with others, whether they be family, friends, or people in your community. It even includes those you may never meet them in this lifetime including people who live in other lands, or even our ancestors and descendants through all time. It also includes all aspects of this world, which is our home.

Learn why these undeniable connections imply a responsibility that when we ignore it, we do so at our peril. More importantly, learn the name of this responsibility and what is required if we are to live up to it. Learn how ignorance about how to handle this responsibility, whether willful or not, can only bring pain.

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Understanding the True Nature of Prayer

Once you understand the true nature of God, yourself, and the purpose of your life, it is natural to want to communicate with this wider world in which "you" find yourself living. In our culture this communication is called "prayer", but often takes the form of pleading and bribery as in "Please God, if you will give me . . . I promise I will . . ."  This is not prayer, and because God Loves you unconditionally, the result of such pleading is not likely to be what you expect.

In this lesson learn the true nature of prayer, how to pray in a way that respects God, yourself, and the purpose of your life. Learn how powerful true communication with God can be when you pray with intention, a humble heart, and the patience born of the awareness that true prayers are always answered. Most importantly, learn about the magic available from praying at the world's most ancient and universal altar, how to construct it, and how to use it effectively.

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Understanding the True Nature of Love

Few people in this culture understand the true nature of Love. Too often, Love is confused with a counterfeit called caring. This mistake causes no end of harm and is the reason for much pain in our world. 

True Love is rooted in an awareness of what is in the highest and best interests of all involved. It is something one does - not something one feels. At times, the Truth about what unconditionally Loving behavior actually is may seem harsh, but why substituting caring for Love never works. 

In this lesson learn why learning how to do Love is the absolute key to unlocking harmony and peace in your life, as well as the lives of those to whom you are connected. Perhaps more importantly, once you learn what Love actually is, you will improve your understanding about why God will often not answer certain kinds of prayers in the way you expect, and allow you to create your life to be as painful as it needs to be in order for you to wake up to Reality.

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New classes are uploaded frequently, so check back often. The journey into new realms of consciousness or awareness is always amazing.

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