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Because unconsciousness of this Truth and its implications leads to suffering, confusion and the inability to Love, the HHF supports programs designed to reawaken all people to this vital awareness.

The HHF supports its membership with a learning path or Path of the Wayfinder known as the Eagle's Nest Halau (Way of Wisdom School), a personal priesthood path known as the Kahuna Pili, or Path of the Peaceful Warrior, and a mutually supportive family environment known as the Eagle's Nest 'Ohana (Family.)

These services are administered by ordained professional Kahuna priests known as Kahuna Kupua who provide these services to a world-wide audience using a newsletter, this website, and through a variety of training modalities including teleconferencing, workshops, and retreats.

Products of special interest to members are sold through an associated company known as Awaken Unlimited, LLC. This company provides products including natural medicines, unique products formulated with CBD (cannabidiol), and LivingWaters™ water treatment systems. We also offer natural medicine services including body chemistry balance evaluations and an incredibly powerful healing modality called the ReVitaLight Protocol,  as part of its mission to support the holistic wellness of its members.

Those who are interested may use this website to subscribe to our newsletter, find out about enrollment in the Way of Wisdom School, or how to participate in our Eagle's Nest 'Ohana (Family).

The Ho'ala Huna Foundation is wholly supported by the donations of its members and sponsors.

What is HunaWisdom?

THE HO'ALA HUNA FOUNDATION (HHF) is a 501C-3 non profit foundation organized to bring the ancient wisdom of Ho'ala Huna to our world.

Also known as the Way of Wisdom, Ho'ala Huna offers a set of skills and perspectives that are designed to help people awaken to an awareness of their Divine nature.

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