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Who Is Lono Ho'ala?

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Lono Ho'ala was ordained in Hawai'i in 1992 by surviving members of the old-world Hawai'ian Mo'o clan.

​He was ordained Kahuna Kupua A'o or "Master Teacher of Light."

Lono is a Kahuna Priest in the style of the of the ancient Mo'o tradition. These were the kahuna who created a paradisiacal culture in Hawai'i. This culture lasted over 1,500 years  without kings, war, or very much in the way of crime until the arrival of the Ali'i around 1,250 A.D. The blood-thirsty Ali'i, under that direction of a Tahitian named Pa'ao, unleashed a genocide on the Hawai'ian population wherein the Mo'o priests were replaced by Ali'i kahuna. From that time, Hawai'ians were forbidden to discuss their earlier culture under penalty of death. The Mo'o who survived went into hiding and have remained so to this day.

Lono's Mo'o lineage has been passed down without a break from very ancient times. 

He was discovered by the Mo'o teaching spiritual principles that only the Mo'o knew. Until that time, there were no books or other means of knowing their system. When he was discovered by these people he was recognized as the "white brother" they were expecting who would be able to see to it that their message could finally: 

"Fly Around the World As If On Wings Of A Bird." 

After this magical reunion, he was ordained Kahuna Kupua A'o or "Master Teacher of Light (Enlightenment) and given the first name of Lono (after the mythological Hawai'ian god of awareness/light) and the family's last name of Ho'ala (meaning "that which causes an awakening." What he, and these people teach is an ancient system of wisdom that leads to Enlightenment. We call this system Ho'ala Huna - Hawai'ian words that mean:

"That which causes an awakening to the sacred awareness of Reality."

The system is also called HunaWisdom™ in this work to make it easier on western ears. While Lono's story is fascinating, he will be the first to affirm that it is unimportant, and perhaps even a distraction. As the Mo'o are fond of saying:

"The Credential is Always in the Message, and never in the messenger."

Lono's Magical Mystery Tour

This story is for those who would like to know more how Lono came to leave Colorado to go to Hawai'i where he met the legendary Mo'o and was eventually ordained by them. The story is true. It also contains elements that are mysterious. The combination is absolutely magical and will likely stretch your mind. To get access go to the section below. Click on the arrow in the top bar to listen to the podcast now, or click on the blue button below to download it in mp3 format to play it later. The file is 54 minutes and 24 seconds long and well worth the time it takes to listen to it. 

  • Lono-s Magical Mystery Tour
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