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Ancient Wisdom Healing Modern Lives

Each Person  •  Each Family  •  Our Community  •  Our World

HunaWisdom™ is a gift from an ancient people reaching out to us through the mists of time. They share with us a set of powerful and timeless perspectives that heal lives and set souls free! 

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The Value of Enlightenment/Wisdom

Enlightenment is the key to a life rich with abundance, love, understanding, and joy.

Those who live in wisdom’s Light enjoy life’s greatest gifts. These include things like LOVE, PEACE, POWER, FREEDOM, and the JOY of FULFILLMENT

  • ​Enlightenment is the source of personal empowerment. It enables us to cope with any kind of fear. 
  • Enlightenment allows us to master our gifts and talents and return them to the Circle of Life in a spirit of unconditionally loving service.
  • Enlightenment allows us to create relationships that work.

Among old-world people, this kind of enlightenment is considered a sacred gift and given special names. Among Native Americans it is known as “Eagle Vision.” Among old-world Hawai’ians it is known as “Ike Papalua” meaning “the high sight that brings power.” 

Spiritual Science

  • HunaWisdom™  is a system of Reality-based Wisdom. It is one of the clearest paths to enlightenment that exists. 
  • HunaWisdom™ relies on reason - not ungrounded beliefs. Understanding the difference is vital.
  • HunaWisdom™  is entheogenic. "Entheogenic" means "to discover the source of Divinity within." HunaWisdom™ is all about the absolute experience of Recognizing and Realizing your personal Divine nature. That is the spiritual experience of enlightenment.
  • HunaWisdom™  is a system. That means it is an organized set of interlocking principles where every principle fits seamlessly together with every other principle to make a whole that works reliably and flawlessly for its purpose. That purpose is to help people awaken to their Divine nature, and in so doing, the Divine nature of our world and everything in it.
  • HunaWisdom™ is "Reality-based" meaning that the system is founded upon postulates whose Truth is self-evident. That means  no belief is required - or even desired. It's Truth is accessed by common-sense based on reason. Reason is God's way of accessing Truth. 

What We Have To Offer

HunaWisdom™ is holistic wisdom that leads to ENLIGHTENMENT. Learn it, share it, and help yourself and others grow in awareness!

Pearls of Wisdom Blog

For a kahuna perspective on all aspects of holistic wellness, subscribe to our free blog here. The subject matter is wide open. We discuss everything from the latest discoveries in medicine to politics. We provide valuable insight into relationship issues, family, economics, gardening and more. Do you agree, disagree or have something important to add? Share your feedback on these issues.

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Values are important. Finding a family that shares your world-view is no less important. Those on the path of awakening cherish the opportunity to connect, discuss, and share insights about their journey. The Eagle's Nest Ohana (Family) provides the opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with other like-minded people. 

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Wisdom School

The Eagle's Nest Wisdom School is the world's most powerful wisdom school. The perspectives that unlock true wisdom can be learned in two ways. The hard way is on one's own, in a hit or miss fashion - through long years of painful experience. The easy way is to explore the skills and perspectives offered in the Eagle's Nest Wisdom School. The only requirement is an open mind, an honest heart, and a passionate desire to become more awake every day for the rest of your life.

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Get access to our Way of Wisdom Classes - the most powerful way to find Enlightenment that exists. Stay in touch with our Pearls of Wisdom Blog where we provide enlightened perspectives about current events. Get access to live meetings. Meet and fellowlship with others on the path of Enlightenment. 

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