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    ​Than You Were Yesterday - 
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  • Belief Is Necessary Only For That Which Is Not Real . . .

    ​That Which Is Real Can Be Recognized, and It Works -
    ​Reliably and Flawlessly!

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The Path To Awakening
​Learn how to be more awake today than you were yesterday
​every day — for the rest of your life!


To hear about why the path of HunaWisdom has the power to save you, your family, and our world a lot of needless suffering, click on the button below. It is an hour-long recording that you can download and play on your phone, iPad, or any device that can play an .mp3 recording. 

Ours is a path that leads to 


It is the Path of the Peaceful Warrior

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Our World Is At A Crossroads

Unless you are completely unconscious, you can see the problems for yourself. 

  • The human race now has the weaponry to destroy itself.
  • We are in the process of destroying our planet, which is our home. 
  • THE BIGGEST DANGER IS A POWER-HUNGRY GLOBALIST ELITE BENT ON CREATING THE WORLD IN ITS IMAGE. This small group of incredibly wealthy people own the world's central banks including the Federal Reserve (FED) of the United States, and own or control the majority of global industries and organizations. They and their minions are collectively known as the "Deep State."Over decades they have quietly penetrated all levels of government through bribery, blackmail, and corruption.These same people also own or control most of the mainstream news media, the entertainment industry, the world's top universities and think tanks, and many politicians (both Democrat and Republican) from presidents to mayors who do their bidding. To gain control over the world's population, they must bring down the bastion of freedom that is the United States of America and the Principles for which she stands. To accomplish  this they are doing seven self-evident things: 
  1. By controlling our educational system these elite see to it that our children are no longer taught the Principles upon which America was founded. For decades, children have been taught that American exceptionalism is a myth. Focus has shifted away from the heroism of our forefathers to the sins of slavery and the destruction of Native American culture. No attention is given to the sacrifices America has made toward erasing those "sins." The focus has slowly shifted from a society geared to providing "Equality of Opportunity" to "Equality of Outcome." In short, in spite of her faults, America is a beautiful country full of beautiful people. It is the most prosperous country our world has ever known because of its dedication to personal liberty - but our children graduating from schools more geared to indoctrination than education no longer see America's beauty. As the HunaWisdom™ principle of MAKIA teaches: "That to which you pay attention comes alive."
  2. By controlling our educational system, these elite make sure our schools no longer teach the principles of clear thinking. Few people today are capable of distinguishing their intuition (capacity to Recognize Truth) from their feelings and their thoughts, or the tremendous value in learning how to do so. These are the many beautiful people who form the "silent majority". They are silent not because they don't care, but because they are confused. They don't know what to make of a world in which the elite-controlled media reframes lies as truth, crimes as efforts to achieve social justice, and a two-tiered system of justice (one for them and another for the rest of us) as appropriate. Nor do beautiful people want to disagree with any narrative deemed "politically correct" by the elite because if they do they will be called "racist" or some other pejorative term. So they quietly stand by and allow the insanity to go unchallenged because they don't know what to do about it. This is how the silent majority become the sheep that the elite intends them to be. 
  3. By controlling our entertainment industry the elite cause our children to see other people as "objects" to be used and manipulated for sex, money, or political power - not fellow Divine beings deserving of honor and respect.
  4. In the name of "fairness" the elite are striving to seduce unconscious people with promises of things for which they did not work at the expense of those who are productive. This tactic is designed to bankrupt our nation. It is also used to deter political leaders who are denigrated mercilessly as "heartless" or "doing the bidding of the rich" if they oppose the many social programs that are constantly being proposed - regardless of the burden such programs will impose on the productive citizens of the country. In reality, these programs are nothing more than another form of legalized slavery.
  5. These elite work relentlessly to create division based on gender, race, religion, sexual preference, political affiliation, age, economic status, country of origin, and more. This division keeps the citizenry weak, fighting among ourselves over things that are a diversion from the real problem that is the tyranny the elite intend to impose.
  6. The elite's agenda is to render American citizenship meaningless by erasing national borders and diluting the value of citizenship by granting illegal immigrants preferential legal treatment while working to diminish the value of a citizen's vote through programs that encourage voter fraud.
  7. The elite use the world's banking system and globalist organizations they control to pit nations against one another and use the fear of war and pandemics to drive people like sheep into their globalist corral.

They can do this only if they are able to convince people that their essential rights come from governments (which they control) and not from God and that a person's value comes from what others think of them and not how well they live in harmony with God's law that is the foundation of our universe.

Taking the path that leads to freedom always requires great courage and strength. These are the spiritual gifts born of Enlightenment. HunaWisdom™ offers rhe Path of the Peaceful Warrior. It is a path of immense power because it is the clearest path to Enlightenment that exists.

My name is Lono Ho’ala. I teach a powerful system of wisdom called HunaWisdom™

HunaWisdom is extremely ancient, yet one of the clearest statements of the universal and eternal principles upon which our world is built. A clear understanding of these principles has unrivaled power to heal lives and set souls free.

I personally invite you to join me on a journey into the undiscovered realms of consciousness.

Lono's Magical Mystery Tour - Part 2

  • Lono-s Magical Mystery Tour

Lono Teaching with Kahana - Coming Soon

Many people are interested in knowing how a Colorado cowboy came to be ordained a kahuna priest. While several videos of this magical time were made, we thought they had all been lost. Miraculously, as we were preparing this site for publication, we discovered a remnant of one of these videos on an old hard drive. With the aid of a sophisticated piece of software, we managed to recover a portion of it. We will publish it here as soon as we can post it to YouTube. Look forward to seeing this miraculous moment sometime soon.

Most people live their entire lives never realizing that their experience is totally dependent on how awake they are. As they slumber, they do not notice that they are as sheep being led to the slaughter.

To be awake you must integrate your heart with your mind in service to the part of you that can Recognize Truth. This is the secret to finding the treasure of Enlightenment. It is the Path of the Peaceful Warrior.

Are you unhappy, afraid, depressed, or frustrated? Use this ancient system of wisdom to harmonize your mind with your emotions, find Truth, and change your experience of life.

Is Your Life Really Working For You?

  • Does your life feel like something you are in charge of, or something that is happening to you? 
  • ​Are you a sovereign, self-possessed person who has a strong sense of self-worth born of an uncompromising devotion to Integrity? 
  • Do you suffer from addictions to substances including alcohol, drugs, or foods?
  • ​Do you crave approval from family, friends, and/or peers? 
  • Do you find yourself easily angered by politics while doing little or nothing to discover and stand up for Truth? 
  • Is your mind open to new facts and perspectives that might challenge your beliefs or do you avoid or minimize them to protect your beliefs?
  • Do you know what your special gifts and talents are? Are you on the path of mastering them? 
  • Do you have a strong spiritual compass by which to lead your family?

"The Greatest Pain We Are Ever In, Is The Pain We Don't Know We Were In Until We Are Out Of It."   —   HunaWisdom

HunaWisdom is the clearest path to enlightenment that exists. Its teachings are Universal, applicable to every person and their family in every culture throughout human history.

​Its Truth is self-evident. No belief is required nor wanted.

Lono - Kahuna Kupua A'o
​Master Teacher of Enlightenment

In 1992, Lono Ho'ala was ordained by members of the ancient Hawai'ian Mo'o clan as a Kahuna Kupua A'o (Master Teacher of Enlightenment.) His awareness of the ancient system of Ho'ala Huna came from two "death" experiences in which he discovered the true nature of God and the reason and purpose for our lives.

​While his story is fascinating he is quick to point out that belief in him or his story it is not important. He is just a messenger. As this ancient message teaches:

"The Credential Is Always In the Message — Never in the Messenger."

Join Our Family

Our family is known as the Eagle's Nest Family. It provides an opportunity to learn, grow, fellowship with others on the path of Enlightenment. Just as importantly, it provides a powerful way for you to be a more effective spiritual leader in your own family and your community.

Join with us to learn how to master the art of clear thinking, your special gift, and contribute your thoughts and your energy back to the Circle of Life where it is so incredibly important in these difficult times.

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Join With Others On the Path

Having a place to fellowship with people who share your values is important. This is the meaning of Family and how we can return our nation and our world to greatness. Become a member of the Eagle's Nest Family and discover the blessings of standing alongside others who are dedicated to the path of Enlightenment.

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Master Your Gift

Every person has a unique Divine gift. Our family is a place where you can discover and master that gift. More importantly, it provides an opportunity for you to find the joy available when you give that gift back to the Circle of Life of which we are all a part. We can help you do that in a way that can make a powerful difference to our world.

Learn and Grow

Members of our Eagle's Nest Family enjoy a precious opportunity. They can master the process of Awakening by participating in the Way of Wisdom series of classes. These classes embody the ancient wisdom of Ho'ala Huna. They offer the perspectives and skills required for those who want to progress down the path of clear thinking that is Enlightenment. These skills are the starting point for those who want to take a fascinating journey into the magical realms of consciousness and unlock the power that awaits us there.

God made herbs. Man made pharmaceuticals. Who do you trust?
Discover incredible dimensions of healing and achieving optimal wellness using methods not well-understood by our modern, monolithic medical model. Lono is highly trained in biochemistry and naturopathic medicine. As a Kahuna La'au Lapa'au (master of healing modalities) he combines the best of these modern sciences with the ancient healing wisdom of a Hawai'ian culture that has roots in a place lost in time.

As a biochemist he creates unique and powerful nutraceutical medicines. ​His ReVitaLight™ Program has been used by thousands of people suffering from all sorts of chronic, debilitating illness including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and much more. Already healthy people are able to use it to achieve peak performance and an improved quality of life. 

​To find out more about these products and methods, please consult 
our sister website


Pearls of Wisdom Blog

Here is where we discuss current issues from an enlightened perspective that separates opinions from facts. Be prepared to sacrifice your sacred cows (beliefs) on the altar of Reality. Issues include:

  • Politics
  • Economic Issues
  • Abortion
  • Gun Control
  • Climate Change
  • Crime & Our Justice System
  • Immigration
  • Rights vs. Privileges

The Way of Wisdom

Begin your journey on the path of awakening to discover these self-evident Truths:

  • The True Nature of God
  • The Nature of Self
  • The Nature of Life
  • The Problem of Beliefs
  • The Importance of Awakening

No belief is needed to Recognize Truth. 

As HunaWisdom™ teaches:

"Belief is necessary only for that 

which is not Real. 

That which is Real can be Recognized, 

and it works - reliably and flawlessly"

Family Resources

Enjoy audio and video recordings and webinars on these important subjects:

  • Expanding Personal Consciousness
  • Relationship and Family Support
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Priesthood Path
  • Natural Medicine
  • Self-Sufficiency and Gardening

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