Welcome To Our Family!

Who We Are

The Eagle's Nest Family serves individuals who want to learn and practice the principles of High Order Awareness (Eagle Vision) as taught by the enlightened system of Hawai'ian spiritual ideas known as HunaWisdom.

What We Offer

Hopefully you are here because you value the opportunity to pursue enlightenment. Enlightenment is what we call High-Order Awareness or EagleVision. Here you can find access to our Way of Wisdom classes, our Pearls of Wisdom podcasts, directions to our Eagle’s Nest Family Facebook page where you can connect with others on the path of enlightenment as well as how to access our Tuesday evening ‘Ohana (Family) meetings where you can enjoy live mentoring with a kahuna priest who is a Master Teacher of Enlightenment. You can also find the ability to book an appointment for counseling for those who would find such an opportunity valuable.

One of the most important reasons for joining our Eagle’s Nest Family is the opportunity to learn the High-Order Awareness Skills we call EagleVision™ as taught by the ancient system of spiritual science known as HunaWisdom. These perspectives and skills heal lives and set souls free! That is because HunaWisdom is all about discovering Universal Reality.

Reality (Huna) is the “is-ness” of our world. It is what remains after we take away all the clutter of beliefs and illusory ideas about what Reality should be or what we want it to be. REALITY IS ALIVE! When you are in touch with Reality, life energy flows naturally and Life works. 

You will learn much more about this in our Way of Wisdom Classes.

Because HunaWisdom is rooted in Reality it works. Its power to heal lives is unsurpassed. Best of all, its concepts are easily understood by any person of normal intelligence regardless of their educational level. No belief is required. The only requirements are an open mind, an honest heart, and a willingness to escape from the grasp of ideas that come from an addiction to some sort of belief-based ideology.

There Has Never Been Anything Like This Available To Our Western World. 

To Understand How Powerful This Is, You Must 
Experience It!

A Gift From Our Ancestors To 
Our Modern World.

An ancient people known as the Mo'o came to Hawai'i from a "Motherland" sometime around 500 B.C.E. They created the most enlightened culture the world has ever known until it was destroyed by an invasion of the warlike Tahitian Ali'i in 1,250 C.E. 

For nearly 2,000 years there were no kings, no armies, no war, and very little crime. They knew a time would come when evil tyrants would attempt to dominate the world and force people to live under a brutal tyranny or perish due to weapons  capable of destroying all life on earth.

These ancients felt responsible for preserving their knowledge of High Order Thinking that led to 2,000 years of peace and prosperity. Their priests known as kahuna (keepers of wisdom) were charged with keeping their enlightened Message alive until a time would come when a white-skinned priest of the New World would send it "Around The World As If On Wings Of A Bird."  

That Time is Here.

Our Eagle's Nest Family offers resources 
you cannot find anywhere else!

Way of Wisdom Classes

The Way of Wisdom is where dogma comes to die in the Light of Reality.

These classes teach High-Order Thinking in four important areas:

  1. Personal Spiritual Growth and Development;
  2. Optimal Health and Wellness;
  3. Healthy Family and Relationships;
  4. Enlightened Social Values.

Pearls of Wisdom Blog

Would you like to enjoy a clearer view of current events? Would you like to see how kahuna apply enlightened principles to our modern problems? 

Tune into our Pearls of Wisdom Blog for surprising insights about how to solve our modern problems.

'Ohana (Family) Meetings

Every Tuesday evening join our kahuna and other family members for a live online meeting where you can ask questions and offer your take on what you are learning.

Live Consultation with a kahuna priest

Could you use some enlightened counseling? Are you in need of conflict resolution (Ho'opono'pono)? Our kahuna are masters at restoring balance to things that are out-of-balance.

Ongoing Series of Online Workshops

Learning how to be self-reliant is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself as well as those who depend on you. Discover the truth about the economy. Learn the power of natural medicine, food production and storage, water purification methods and more. Do you have a special gift? Here is an opportunity to offer your unique gifts to our whole Family.

Opportunities for Leadership and Service

Those who elect to take our Personal Priesthood Path can enjoy the opportunity to develop branches of our Eagle's Nest Family in their communities. 

Help our Family grow by participating in our Facebook Group.

How Our Family Works

If you are willing to explore the opportunity that being a member of the Eagle’s Nest Family offers, you can do so without fear of being pressured to buy or do anything. We don’t operate that way. If, for any reason, you decide not to take us up on our offer, you can disconnect without any fear that anyone in our Family will make you bad or wrong for your decision, nor will we bug you to reconnect. Your name will be removed from our mailing list, and you will never have to worry that we might continue to contact you. We won’t. If, however, you would like to pursue this path we want to give you lots of opportunity to explore what it is like before we ask you to give anything back for what you are getting.

How Do We Fund Our Family?

For pledged or tithed membership we ask people to commit to a monthly pledgeYou choose the amount. (To enjoy the benefits of a pledged membership requires a pledge of at least $50 a month or hopefully more.) Tithed memberships offer more benefits and require a commitment to pay tithing. 

Every month you will get an email saying that your pledge is about to be processed. Each month this gives you the opportunity to increase the amount, decrease it, or stop it completely. 

We want you to feel satisfied so if when you first enroll you choose a pledged membership, you will get your first 30 days completely free. 

Branch Referral Program

The Message we offer is valuable. It has the capacity to change the lives of every member and with each life changed, the world becomes a more beautiful and peaceful place. 

Because this is true, we want any person who takes their membership seriously, (as evidenced by a commitment to tithe or pledge at least $50 a month), that person will receive 20% of revenue earned from donations to the Eagle's Nest Family from any person referred by that member for as long as the referred person maintains their membership. (This Does Not Include Fees For Services or Products Purchased Through Our Sister Company Awaken Unlimited, LLC.) 

The purpose of this fee is to fund efforts by members to grow the Family.

Why A Pledge?

The Universe is structured in a very specific way. We get back from anything that which we put into it - except multiplied!

HunaWisdom teaches us the same thing a bit differently.


The point is that we value things based on what we pay for them relative to our ability.

Being kahuna priests, we understand that by setting a price for anyone who chooses to walk this path we would be short-circuiting the Universe's plan for each person's spiritual growth. We won't do that.

That is why joining our family is by donation. When you enroll you will have the opportunity to commit to a monthly donation. It can be for any amount you choose. We are a 501(c)3 organization for IRS purposes so all donations are completely tax deductible.

In exchange for your gift you get access to our: 

  • Way of Wisdom Classes;
  • Pearls of Wisdom Blog;
  • Tuesday Night 'Ohana Meetings;
  • A complimentary 1/2 hour live consultation with one of our kahuna;

  • Our ongoing series of workshops and webinars including important subjects like how to enjoy healthy relationships, natural medicine, and more;

  • Access to our  exclusive Member's Free Resources Section;

  • A 10% 'Ohana discount on top shelf natural medicines, water treatment systems, counseling and more.

All classes are presented as written lessons with audio files so you can listen in your car as you drive to work, or on your computer, iPad, or iPhone, during a break. Most contain videos and other valuable resources.

If you are really enjoying the experience and the support our family provides, you may want to consider increasing your pledge so the process and the family means more to you. If not, you may want to disconnect completely. 

You may also choose to take our priesthood path and become a leader in the Eagle's Nest Family by becoming a tithe payer. It is totally up to you.

Once you are pledged, your membership is active and you are free to enjoy all the many benefits our family provides.

What If I'm Not Sure This For Me?

It is important to us that you feel you are getting MORE VALUE from your membership than you ever expected. You have 30 days to try the classes without risk. Any pledge you make is totally refundable during that time - no questions asked. Beyond 30 days you can cancel your membership by not renewing your pledge when your monthly notice arrives. It can't be any safer or simpler than that.

If you feel you need to test the waters, we understand. So will the Universe. When you first enroll, if you sign up with a pledge of at least $50 a month, you will get the first month free. Each month when you are notified that your pledge is due, you will have the opportunity to raise the amount, lower it if need be, or disconnect completely. The choice is yours.