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How To Achieve Peace And Prosperity

Kahuna priests are not political. To us, politics is a tool used by one or more segments of a population to gain power over other segments of the population. It is rooted in competition - not cooperation - and so it is divisive and results in dangerous polarization those who identify as “liberal” or “conservative.” There is nothing good that can come from such a struggle between opposing ideologies. Instead, kahuna stay focused on principles.

Principles of social interaction are eternal. They don’t change with the times. A population aware of such principles is not only strong, but also abundant. It achieves those goals without the need for immoral governmental behaviors that seek votes by taking from people who are productive to give to people who are not. The only people who win when that kind of thing becomes popular is the government. Everyone else loses.

We encourage members of our family to forsake political ideologies and use their energy to understand the eternal, moral principles of social interaction. Once more, HunaWisdom offers the only axiomatic perspectives that can heal the political strife that afflicts our modern world. Find out more here.