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Upcoming Events

The kahuna of the HunaWisdom Foundation regularly present informational workshops and webinars on a variety of subjects to do with the health of the spirit, the body, our families, and our communities. Below is a list of upcoming presentations.

Protecting Yourself From Toxic Water - Online Workshop

Where:                                     When: September 17th, 2019             Time: 7:30 - 8:30 PM

Invisible toxic perfluorinated chemicals are contaminating drinking water in 63 areas nationwide where the chemicals, widely used to fight petroleum fires, have been measured at levels the EPA deems dangerous.

These perfluorinated chemicals rank among the worst in an expanding multitude of unregulated contaminants that federal scientists are detecting in city water supplies. These unregulated chemicals include hormones (residues from birth control pills, insulin, and many more), pesticides, antibiotics and anti-depressants.


Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) don't break down. Boiling water or adding oxidants like chlorine won't get rid of them. Prolonged exposure is linked to health harm: developmental damage to fetuses during pregnancy, low birth weight, accelerated puberty and distorted bones. The EPA advisory also linked the chemicals to kidney and testicular cancer, liver tissue damage, impaired production of antibodies and cholesterol changes.

In addition to PFCs, chloramine (the mixture of chlorine and ammonia) is now being used as the disinfectant of choice by water providers throughout the country. Unlike chlorine, chloramine does not break down in water supplies nor is it effectively removed by carbon filtration, reverse-osmosis, or distillation. In fact, these last two treatment options actually concentrate chloramine in the product water, and is the reason bottled water can be a problem because chloramine goes directly through the stomach and into the gut where it disrupts the body's microbiome with serious implications for a variety of chronic debilitating diseases.

Another toxic chemical found in water supplies is fluoride, which is now known to cause permeable gut syndrome, and numerous studies from around the world now show fluoridation causes a shocking increase in elevated blood levels of lead in children. Both fluoride and lead are known to be potent neurotoxins.

Because these problems are not likely to go away for years, if not decades, consumers are advised to protect themselves. It is not as simple as buying a typical water filter or using bottled water. Lono Ho'ala, author of "Don't Drink the Water" - the best-selling book on water endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., will provide interested members an opportunity to get un-biased advice on how to protect yourself and your family from this emerging new health threat.