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Who Are Hunists?

Hunists are people who study and practice the skills and perspectives as taught by HunaWisdom. They subscribe to the Way of Wisdom classes and enjoy spending time daily listening and learning from our YouTube presentations and/or webinars.

At their core, Hunists are Realists who dedicate their lives to becoming ever more aware of Reality as it actually IS, instead of what they or their peer groups would like it to be. They are spiritual scientists who are on a never-ending quest to bring their personal realities (with a little “r”) into Harmony with the Reality (with a big “R”), because they recognize that the difference between those two things is called pain. This kind of Harmony is the essence of Love, or the Aloha Spirit.

Hunists are committed to Loving their families, their communities, and themselves. This is the core of their priesthood, which they see as being spiritually responsible.

How Hunists See Love

Hunists define Love as actions that are in the highest and best interests of all involved.

That is because Hunists see ALL THINGS, including ALL PEOPLE (no matter how unconscious they may be), as completely made out of and connected in that God that Is the ALL THAT IS.

  • Hunists see ALL people as deserving of the respect due to fellow Divine beings. That respect involves honoring their sacred space which comes to every person as a consequence of being an undeniable part of the ALL THAT IS. What Hunists call sacred space is what America’s Founders called "unalienable rights."
  • As America’s Founders proclaimed, Hunists Recognize that people get their rights from the ALL THAT IS that is God – not from government. When government violates this Principle, it always results in pain for such governments and their citizens.
  • Hunists are true environmentalists who see the value of loving the earth and all things that live on the earth.

How Hunists See Life

Hunists see Life as a Game called: “Let’s Wake Up!”

  • This game is made up of choices and consequences. Choices in Harmony with Reality result in a flow of Life energy we experience as joy/happiness/bliss/satisfaction. This is LOVE.
  • Unloving choices (choices not in Harmony with Reality) block the flow of Life energy and we experience that as pain/depression/fear/torment.
  • To avoid as much pain as possible, Hunists are committed to “waking up” meaning transcending the darkness of beliefs to reach ever brighter realms of the Light of Awareness. Such is our birthright as Divine Beings who are a part of the ALL THAT IS.

How Hunists See Pain   

Unconsciousness is the cause of most unnecessary pain. The problem is that by definition, wherever you are unconscious - you don't know it! 

Hunists see pain as a perfect gift from a Loving Universe because pain is our signal that unconsciousness is lurking nearby. Unconsciousness of Reality makes for poor choices. Poor choices block the flow of life energy and that happens in the darkness of beliefs.

  • Hunists see no person as “evil” as a condition of their existence. They are simply unconscious (ideologically compromised by unreal beliefs.) Because they are unconscious they are in pain, and in their pain, are quite capable of doing some very ugly things.
  • Because Hunists are committed to LOVE, they do not attempt to take away from others the painful consequences of their unconscious choices. To do so would be to frustrate the plan/design of the Universe/God/ALL THAT IS. Instead, only when a person is humble and asks with an honest heart, will we offer insight about how to gain the gift of wisdom from the pain so more conscious choices can be made in the future. That is the purpose of our Way of Wisdom classes.

How Hunists See Government

Hunists see Government as something that exists to serve its citizens – not rule over them in a way that violates their sacred space. 

Sacred space is vital, because life is designed so people can make choices (even unconscious ones) and gain wisdom from the consequences of those choices.   

Hunists affirm the idea that underlies the original establishment of America by her Founders, and that is: 

People get their rights from God – the ALL THAT IS – not government.

Accordingly, government can have no rights that its citizens do not already possess and have agreed to delegate to government.

Our Way of Wisdom classes can help you understand how a moral government operates to create safety, balance, and abundance for its citizenry – not at the level of beliefs, but at the level of Reality that works – reliably and effectively.

How Hunists See Human Rights   

HunaWisdom offers Realistic solutions to some of societies most difficult problems while affirming any person's unalienable right to make painful mistakes. Properly understood, mistakes are learning experiences. Our rights are unalienable because they come with us from God. Native Americans and Old-World Hawai'ians refer to these rights as sacred space. No one is born with more God-given rights than another. 

To learn more about how Hunists see government, human rights, abortion, religion, war, and other societal issues that are so prone to create division and controversy, explore our Way of Wisdom classes. Because each issue is approached in the Light of fundamental Principles that can be Recognized to be Real, all that is required to find solutions to these difficult social problems is intellectual honesty. 

What is “intellectual honesty”? It is the willingness to sacrifice your sacred cows (beliefs) on the altar of Reality. Many people have a very hard time with this but it helps to know that whenever you are intellectually honest with yourself:

The Only Thing You Have To Lose is Pain!