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Understanding Health and Wellness

Your body was designed to operate in a certain way. The true doctor does not sit in an office downtown somewhere. The true doctor was actually built-in to your body as it evolved in harmony with its environment over millions of years. 

For a person to be healthy, attending to nutrition as well as the many other ways your body interacts with its environment are critical. The key is balance. Some stress is important to health, too much stress is damaging. Some foods of certain types are life-giving, too much of any kind of food or even small amounts of the wrong type of food can be toxic. 

The ancient Hawai'ians were fond of saying:

"Life Energy Flows Where There Is Balance."

That is why Hawai'ian medicine focuses on the restoration of balance to achieve an optimal state of health and wellness.

God made herbs. Man made pharmaceuticals. Who do you trust? 

Discover incredible dimensions of healing and achieving optimal wellness using methods not well-understood by our conventional pharmaceutical medical providers.

​Lono is highly trained in biochemistry and naturopathic medicine. As a Kahuna La'au Lapa'au (master of kahuna healing modalities) he combines the best of these modern sciences with the ancient healing wisdom of a Hawai'ian culture that has roots in a place lost in time.

As a biochemist he creates unique and powerful nutraceutical medicines. ​His ReVitaLight™ Program has been used by many people suffering from all sorts of chronic, debilitating illness including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and much more. Others use it to achieve peak performance and an improved quality of life. 

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