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What you are about to discover is  the "Pearl of Great Price" spoken of by all the great masters including the master Teacher Jesus. Its perspectives are sacred beyond measure because they reveal the path that leads to the discovery of your Divine nature - that place known as Enlightenment. 

Love yourself enough to listen to these recordings prayerfully, in a place free of distractions. This is the most sacred time you can ever give yourself. 

The ideas are simple enough for anyone to understand, but they are profound, and may challenge your most deeply-held beliefs. That is the process. Without a willingness to change your perspectives you will never be able to attain more awakened states.

You will want to listen to these ideas again and again, because as your insight grows, you will get more and more out of each lesson. It is a practice you can enjoy for the rest of your life. 

Please begin by clicking on the button below. Aloha! 

Do you live in a box?

Each of us live in a box composed of beliefs that are not real. The door that leads out of your box is locked from the inside. The lock requires the right combination to open it. Only you can work the combination. The problem is that the instructions are written on the outside of the box. 

You need someone outside of your box to read you the directions.

This is true throughout our lives - in every aspect of our lives. It is the reason we have parents. It is the reason we go to school. It is the reason we go to medical experts when we are ill. It is the reason we go to counsellors when we are in emotional pain, or pastors when we are in spiritual pain.

When you are finally ready to be free of all your boxes (a.k.a. Enlightenment) you will want to go to someone who has the capacity to read you those directions. That is my role. 

I am a Kahuna Kupua A'o, or Master Teacher of Enlightenment. 

The good news is that you don't have to believe in me or my title. In fact, don't believe anything I say. Belief just gets in the way and makes my job harder. Instead, look to my Message for any credential you need. Because the Message is True you can Recognize it  if you really want to. 

You will not have to believe it. 

You can Recognize it because all Truth is already written in your soul. That is the meaning of the word recognize. Cognize = to know. Re = to remember. In fact, I can't teach you anything you don't already Know. All I can do is cause you to remember what you have forgotten because you have been living inside your box.

The following words come from the ancient system of wisdom you will be learning. Anciently in Hawai'i it was called Ho'ala Huna, or as I call it here - HunaWisdom. It is many thousands of years old. Embrace the following words and let them become the "iron-rod" you use to go through your life without getting lost.

"Belief is necessary only for that which is not Real. 

Once discovered, that which is Real can be Recognized - and when honored

It works, reliably and flawlessly! "

Lesson One

The Truth About God

"God" is a word. We have become conditioned by religions to see that word as referring to some idea of God that is confusing, contradictory, and completely unreal. That is why you can't Recognize their teaching to be True. Instead, you have to believe them in the form of the Bible or some other "scripture". There is a better way. Prayerfully consider the God of HunaWisdom, and you can Know Who God Really Is. No longer will you have to believe in a God you are expected to blindly worship. Let me introduce you to the Real God - a God that even an athiest can embrace.

The Duality of God

God displays in contrasting and complimentary dualities. Learn what this means and why it is important to understanding the True nature of God.

The Only Thing God Needs Is a Mirror

This  world in which we find ourselves living is a dream. It is God's dream. Learn why God enjoys this dream and our role in it.

God's Essence Is True Love

Few people understand what Love truly is, so they can't understand why God's dream looks the way it does. Learn a higher way of looking at Love here.