Who Are We?

The Eagle's Nest Family serves individuals who want to learn and practice the principles of High Order Awareness (Eagle Vision) as taught by the enlightened system of Hawai'ian spiritual ideas known as HunaWisdom.

Why Membership Is Important

Life is made out of choices and consequences. Your choice - your consequence. This being true, you only disempower yourself when you blame anything or anyone outside of yourself for your pain. Instead, take your power back by using our system of High-Order Awareness (EagleVision) to heal the pain created by unwise choices as well as avoid future pain by knowing how to make more enlightened choices.

  • Using our system of High-Order Awareness (EagleVision) help yourself, your family, and your friends learn how to separate dogma from Reality so you and they can make better, more life-giving choices.
  • Using our system of High-Order Awareness (EagleVision) heal chronic, debilitating, diseases using a conscious diet and natural medicines capable of restoring metabolic balance to your body as well as your microbiome.
  • Using our system of High-Order Awareness (EagleVision) transform your relationships with your spouse, your family, your friends, and your peers.
  • Using our system of High-Order Awareness (EagleVision) learn how to stop giving your power away to ideologically compromised people who are not capable of engaging in rational discussions without causing undue separation. 

We have three levels of membership to fit any person's desires and budget

* You can make a pledge for any amount and we will deeply appreciate it. However, to have access to the Benefits of Pledged Membership as outlined above requires a pledge of at least $50 a month or hopefully more. 

** We define a tithe as 10% of your annual gross income and net profits from all sources minus payments for child-support and alimony but before deductions for health insurance, company benefit plans, or retirement plans. If you are a business owner it can be a bit more complicated, so if you have questions, please don't hesitate to call. 

Pledges or Tithes are monthly payments and will automatically come out of whatever account you choose. 

The way the Universe works is that the amount of Light you enjoy on this path and how you value that Light will be proportional to the investment you make so the choice is totally up to you. You may raise or lower the amount or even cancel your pledge at any time. 

Because this is a decision that is very important to your spiritual growth, we suggest you take some time to pray about it.

Our hope is that over time, you will realize that this is your spiritual path, and that it is so important you would like to support the Eagle's Nest Family by becoming a committed tithe-payer* and holding a leadership position. Those who elect to take one of our priesthood paths or qualification as a Branch Co-ordinator are required to be full tithe-payers. Find out more about these paths by clicking here.