We Are Losing America

14.10.21 03:58 PM By Lono Ho'ala - Comment(s)

In case you haven't noticed, our world is changing dramatically. At first, because of normalcy bias, most people ignored the warnings. They didn't believe that the life they enjoyed in America could ever go away - at least for long. Now, more and more people are starting to wake up to the idea...

Who Are The New Ali'i?

17.06.21 05:43 PM By Lono Ho'ala - Comment(s)
The ancient Hawai'ians warned modern America of a "new Ali'i" that would arise and attempt to destroy America's precious culture just as the Ali'i invaders from Tahiti did to them. Is there any basis to support this prophecy? If so, who are these "new Ali'i" and how can we recognize them?

COVID-19 Vaccine - Is It A Good Idea

14.06.21 06:44 PM By Lono Ho'ala - Comment(s)

Whether or not to get a COVID-19 vaccine is a hotly contested issue. Sadly, from the beginning of the pandemic politics rather than public health has driven the debate. As most of you realize, politics is a poison that damages everything it touches with lies and exaggerations. To sort out this mess ...

Gun Control

04.09.19 10:26 PM By Lono Ho'ala - Comment(s)

It is a fact that every person comes into this world with sacred space. It is also a fact that each person is responsible for defending his/her sacred space from those who would violate it. Love demands it. Sadly, there are people out there who are sociopaths. They have no regard for the sacred spac...