22 Dec 2022 01:50 PM By Lono Ho'ala


COVID-19 has captured the world’s attention. It is a close cousin of the family of viruses that cause the common cold. It is like the common cold in that it is more infectious than the typical flu. Also like the cold, if your immune system is healthy you may not get very ill when you have it. That means a person can spread the virus for up to 10 days before they even know they are ill. While it can be deadly, the circumstances in which it kills are far more rare than you have been led to believe. As a person highly trained in biochemistry and naturopathic medicine, I have studied this disease carefully, and the evidence is clear. All you need is a robust immune system to keep you safe and healthy.

  1. In the first section of this newsletter I’ll explain how the data has been deliberatly manipulated to greatly exaggerate the threat of COVID-19.
  2. In the second section I’ll show you how medical malpractice has been the cause of tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and provide you with powerful testimonials from insiders revealing how much of this malpractice was easily preventable!
  3. In the third section I’ll show you how dangerous COVID-19 actually is according to the best available data furnished by the Centers for Disease Control.
  4. In the fourth section I’ll expose the nursing home crisis, and how thousands of people were given a death sentence by certain Governors who acted against federal policy then blamed POTUS!
  5. In the fifth section I’ll tell you the shocking truth about research involving hydroxychloroquine, an inexpensive and proven treatment that could be saving thousands of lives of infected people.
  6. In the sixth section I’ll show you how the “official” response to shut down the economy is completely unnecessary and makes absolutely no sense scientifically. This is a conclusion with which many of the world’s top scientists, doctors, and researchers agree.
  7. In the seventh section I’ll expose the media bias, and their deliberate and obvious efforts to deceive the public, and how the only thing that can explain what is happening is a coordinated agenda to influence he next election.
  8. In the eighth and last section I’ll reveal how nutritional supplement companies are being targeted for showing you how to avoid becoming a casualty of the virus, why this information is being suppressed, and WHAT YOU CAN DO TO GET IMMEDIATE PROTECTION.

Throughout this article I will expose the truth about the media’s role in deceiving the public, and how the only thing that can explain what is happening is a COORDINATED EFFORT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT, BIG PHARMA, AND THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA TO GAIN POLITICAL POWER FOR THE PROGRESSIVE LEFT.

This is not exaggeration or spin. I am simply exposing documented facts here, the implications of which are chilling to contemplate and hard for most decent people to accept – especially for those who accept the mainstream media coverage as actual news – which it is clearly not.

Please don’t blow this off! The health and safety of you, your family, your community, and your country is at stake, and NOT FROM THIS PANDEMIC! Given how this pandemic fits into a much larger dynamic, Americans who love their country and are concerned about the future of our children can no longer afford to ignore the many red flags that are increasingly being exposed.

The stakes could not be higher. At least open your mind enough to consider the possibility that this pandemic was a planned event to influence our elections. Then consider who is big enough to pull this off, and why such people would want to do this.

It increasingly looks like this pandemic is part of a bigger coordinated effort to take down America and replace it with a socialist state.

The only thing that can stop it is an awake population that is clear about the evils of socialism and the consequences of inaction at this point of crisis in our nation.

America needs clear thinkers so we can wake up our neighbors and heal the illusory divisions of left vs. right. Then we all need to band together to fight against what may be the most dangerous enemy our nation has ever faced.

Begin by sharing this report with everyone you know. Then go to and join our Eagle’s Nest Family. Study what you find there with an open mind and heart. This is fascinating because it is an ancient look at the very same principles upon which this nation was founded! 


Analyzing the data gathered since the pandemic began demonstrates the danger posed by COVID-19 has been greatly exaggerated. In the beginning, Chinese data promulgated by the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and its minions like Dr. Fauci, suggested that the infection mortality rate could be as high as 2 - 4% of the American population. That meant that 6 - 12 million Americans were at risk of dying from the disease – a scary prospect indeed. The truth is that this model, as with all their models, have turned out to be way off the mark.

Their incredible predictions and warnings are based on models full of obvious holes that made them quite suspect to professionals in the business. Many credible doctors and researchers both overseas and here in the United States pointed out substantial inconsistencies in how the models were constructed, and how the data used to construct those models was obtained, but they were completely ignored by a media that declined to give them a voice.

Now that we have some months of experience, what are the real numbers turning out to be? Sadly, that is not easy to know precisely, but they are not much different that the ordinary flu.

On May 20th, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released their estimates based on the best actual data that is available. While dramatically lower than the official models predicted, even this data is likely to be overstated for two reasons.

  1. The rate of infections as determined by antibody tests are not reliable because by the CDC’s own admission, they can give false positives for people infected with nothing more than the common cold – also caused by another type of Corona virus. Nevertheless, some states base their reopening policies using these numbers, unnecessarily hurting our nation’s economy and people who need to save their businesses as well as people who want to work for them.
  2. Hospitals were given an incentive by Congress in an emergency act passed at the beginning of the pandemic to over-inflate deaths from COVID-19 because hospitals get 20% more money when COVID-19 is listed as a primary or secondary infection:

    In fact, many whistleblowers – some doctors and many nurses – in the medical community have reported cases of people dying of heart attacks or killed in car wrecks being counted as COVID-19 victims because they were suspected of having COVID-19 as well. In Colorado, when officials stopped reporting all deaths of infected people as COVID-19 fatalities and instead only included those who died from the virus’s impact, their death toll fell from 1,150 to 878 — a 24 percent decrease.

Now, health officials supported by the media are trying to convince us that a major rebound in cases is underway, particularly in places like Florida and Texas. Upon closer scrutiny, the data supporting this “rebound” is turning out to be just as inflated as the original data used to shut down our economy.

As of July 14th 2020 reporting from some Florida laboratories contained major errors on the state’s report on virus positivity rates, according to a Fox 35 News report.

“Countless labs have reported a 100 percent positivity rate, which means every single person tested was positive,” Fox 35 News reported. “Other labs had very high positivity rates.”

Orlando Health, for example, reported a 98 percent positivity rate. Lee Memorial Hospital Lab, PanCare of Florida, Inc and Advance Medical of Naples all reported 100 percent positivity rates; no negative results were reported.

That led Fox 35 News to investigate the numbers by contacting every local location listed in the report. Orlando Health confirmed errors in the report, and its positivity rate is said to be 9.4 percent, not 98 percent as listed.

Similarly, a VA spokesperson told Fox 35 News that the Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center’s positivity rate is actually 6 percent, not 76 percent as seen on the report.

This kind of misreporting by hospitals and laboratories around the country is widespread and consistent. One lab making a mistake can be attributed to a simple “coding” mistake. When such “mistakes” are made by most labs across the country, it is obvious that there is an agenda at work, and this agenda is political.

 Who uses this data? The governors of the individual states base their policies on reopening the economy on these statistics. Who benefits from shutting down the economy? Progressive leftists who want to make sure Trump or any other politician who is popular among conservatives loses our next elections. Why is it so important for them to defeat conservatives? Because conservative Americans stand between them and their dream of creating a one-world socialistic government with central bankers and their billionaire minions at the top, and everybody else at the bottom.  It is really that simple.

Regardless of the political implications, widespread misreporting makes the raw data unreliable for determining health policy. Science cannot come to reliable conclusions when the data turns out to be propaganda and our leaders are pressured to close down the country because of such propaganda. This is both irresponsible and dangerous. It disrupts people’s businesses, incomes, and lives at every level. It is pure evil rooted in the arrogance of an elite whose agenda is far more important than individual lives.

Nevertheless, even given these problems, the official CDC data along with other studies, shows the infection mortality rate of COVID-19 may range from 0.1 5% to 0.4%. Given that these estimates are likely to be inflated, this compares very favorably to a 0.1% infection mortality rate for the typical seasonal flu. By comparison, other flu epidemics like the Spanish Flu of 1918, and the Asian Flu of 1957 were far more dangerous, yet the idea of shutting down the American economy never came up in those days.


Many whistleblowers are coming forth. Many are doctors. Many more are nurses. They are providing many shocking reports on how hospital policies and procedures like using respirators improperly and enforcing DO NOT RESUSCITATE (DNR) orders when patients could possibly recover are killing patients needlessly.

One is Erin Marie Olszewski who is a Nurse-turned-investigative journalist with impeccable credentials. She has spent the last few months on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, on the inside in two radically different settings. She worked in two hospitals, one private in Florida and the other public in New York. The one in New York is not just any New York public hospital, but the epicenter of the epidemic itself, the infamous Elmhurst in Donald Trump's Queens. As a result of these diametrically opposed experiences, she has the ultimate “perspective on the pandemic”. She has been where there have been the most deaths attributed to Covid-19 and where there have been the least. Click on this link to see her very credible and eye-popping report:


Actual, reliable data demonstrates that:

  1. The rate of COVID-19 infection for children and young people is so small as to be insignificant. In fact, normal seasonal flu kills seven times more children than COVID-19. In spite of this fact, schools are closed causing great damage to children, stress on their families, and unnecessary economic stress to our country.
  2. Among mature adults, only 60% to 70% of exposed people become infected. Those who don’t get the infection when exposed to it appear to have immune systems primed to ward off the infection because of previous exposure to other corona viruses.
  3. Most infected people show no signs nor symptoms, so they have no idea they have been infected. Those who do get ill experience typical flu symptoms of fever, aches and pains, and moderate upper respiratory distress. Most are treated safely at home.
  4.  Nearly half of all deaths attributed to the virus are people in nursing homes. Who are people in nursing homes? Generally speaking, they are people who are in the process of dying. That these people are most at risk is not surprising. That being said however, they still account for an unusually high proportion of deaths. Is it that the virus is more deadly to the elderly or immune-compromised individuals, or is it due to political malfeasance in dealing with the virus?


It is now known that thousands of infected people in certain states were transferred to nursing homes where the infection was spread to vulnerable populations. In New York, New Jersey, Washington, California, and other states where this happened, these transfers were completely unnecessary because the Federal government had set up emergency field hospitals and/or provided military medical vessels to handle a potential surge COVID-19 cases. In spite of all the dire warnings, these facilities were never used at all.

In spite of other facilities being available, these transfers to nursing homes were mandated by certain Democratic governors like Gov. Cuomo in New York. This action was in direct contradiction to the guidelines issued by the federal government.

When confronted with this information these governors either blamed President Trump’s administration by saying they were simply following his guidelines (an outright lie) or skirted giving an answer. Obviously, this was propaganda at work.

This being true however, one must wonder why thousands of people were unnecessarily sent to an early grave by these Democratic governors. Is this not homicide? If it were your mother or father wouldn’t you want to know why they were killed in this way while family was not allowed to visit?

Is it just a coincidence that each of these states are aggressively pushing for mail-in voting and the higher the death rate the stronger their argument? Once again, is this pandemic truly about a disease or is it a political ploy? In view of the evidence, this is not an unreasonable question for any citizen to ask – whether Republican or Democrat.


One of the biggest emerging scandals involves efforts to prevent the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)and other therapeutic agents championed by President Trump early into the pandemic.

A study published by Lancet (a British medical journal) and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), two of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, claimed that HCQ increased the risk of dying from COVID-19. HCQ is an antimalarial drug touted by the White House as possible COVID-19 treatments. This study made HCQ look to be not just ineffective, but downright deadly.

This study was used to embarrass President Trump by Dr. Fauci, the WHO, Democratic politicians and the media. They made Trump’s advocacy for that treatment appear not only ridiculous but recklessly dangerous.

In fact, the study has since been debunked. Lancet and the NEJM reported that they were pulling the study June 5th after its authors could not provide their data for an independent review. Once a copy of the study was obtained, it turns out the data was completely fabricated by Surgisphere – a little known data analytics company - all of whom had ties to a pharmaceutical company.

While the study was used by the media to embarrass President Trump, that is only part of the story. Instead of encouraging doctors to use HCQ, an inexpensive drug ($9 per dose) proven safe over decades of use, Dr. Fauci used the Lancet study to push for another drug called Remdesivir that costs $3,000 per treatment and remains unproven as to safety. The public was not informed that Remdesivir is manufactured by Gilead, a firm with whom Dr. Fauci is closely associated. Gilead spends millions of dollars a year in lobbying efforts and is connected to Wuxi AppTech, a Chinese company owned in conjunction with George Soros – a person who openly advocates for the destruction of America and who funds Marxist groups to achieve those ends.

Along with people like Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci is also pushing for mandatory vaccines. While a lot of effort is being put into the development of a vaccine, nothing is on the horizon yet. In spite of this, Dr. Fauci, backed by the Democrats and the main-stream media continue to use fear porn in an effort to make the case that the U.S. economy should be largely shut down, schools closed, and social distancing should be continued until such a vaccine is available. Of course, that won’t be until after the next election in November, providing a convenient excuse to continue the push for mail-in voting.

    However, there is a fly in that ointment. It turns out that since the study published by Lancet and NEJM was withdrawn, new studies from all over the world are demonstrating that HCQ in combination with other drugs is remarkably effective for treating COVID-19. The vast majority  of people treated with this regimen recover completely as long as treatment begins soon enough. This is great news for patients who need treatment but bad news for Dr. Fauci, Gilead, George Soros and Bill Gates because it will cost them many billions of dollars in sales of their “cures” once this information becomes widespread.

What makes this all so sinister is the fact that thousands of individuals could have been saved if HCQ’s had been used except for this fraud. Is this not murder? Will these people who perpetrate this kind of fraud face the criminal justice system, or even public condemnation


From the beginning, Dr. Fauci’s recommendations about how to deal the pandemic have been confusing and contradictory. First Dr. Fauci says no masks, then masks are absolutely required. People are banned from beaches and parks and trails are closed. Social distancing at least 6 feet apart is supposed to be the new mantra for society. Some businesses are considered essential and can remain open, others are mandated to be closed without explanation. People are ordered to quarantine (a nicer word than saying you are under house arrest) and are prohibited from mass gatherings. Church attendance is banned, yet political protests and riots are not only permitted, they are encouraged by certain Democratic mayors and governors.

The biggest problem is that none of these “mandates” are based on science. In fact, science tell us that face masks are largely ineffective at filtering virus and can cut down on oxygen for people with respiratory problems. Face masks can marginally reduce the potential of a person with a cough to infect another person, but marginal is the operative word here. For a clear explanation of why face masks are over-hyped, please check out this link:

Data shows us that the risk of transmission in open areas like beaches, parks, trails and campgrounds is virtually nil. Being quarantined indoors is where the risk is greatest, and that risk isn’t any greater than the regular seasonal flu for relatively healthy children and adults.

Who picked 6’ for social distancing? There is no scientific justification for it. Tests prove that virus droplets can stay suspended in air for a long time. Common sense will tell you that nothing is stationary. Virus particles can move long distances in air currents during the time they are suspended. During the same time people can move hundreds of yards through the air. IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!

What science tells us that liquor stores and pot shops are “essential” and can remain open, while a shop that sells seeds and gardening supplies must remain closed? There is none.

Finally, what science tells us that gatherings of hundreds or thousands of protestors should be given a pass, while peaceful people are prohibited from going to church or even to the funeral of a loved one? Many people point out the hypocrisy in these rules, and the fact that these mandates ordered by governors are COMPLETELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


As time goes by, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is an agenda behind this whole thing that the powers that be want to keep hidden. People with an agenda often over-reach, and when they do, their schemes start to unravel as they become more and more exposed. That is what is happening now with the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is becoming obvious to more and more Americans that the main-stream media is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the leftist globalist progressive movement. This movement, pushed by the United Nations (UN), is rooted in the principles of Marxism. That is why the UN so often comes down on the side of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Billionaire technocrats are the head of this snake, as programs like UN Agenda 21 seek to destroy personal liberty in favor of their utopian dream. America is the absolute antithesis of what these people want to accomplish on a world-wide basis, and so she is in their crosshairs. Those people believe that America needs to be brought down, and if that means millions of people must lose their livelihood – or their lives – so be it. 

To all good Marxists, people are only a means to a goal. Those who don’t agree with their agenda must be marginalized, and when necessary eliminated. For proof, one need only look at the history of every Marxist movement throughout our world. How many millions disappeared under the Marxist regimes in China, Korea, the U.S.S.R., Cuba, and now look at what is happening in Venezuela?

I will deflate the many lies of Marxism in another presentation but for now, it is enough to understand that there is an agenda here, and it is not one that is likely to benefit either you or your community, and especially not your children.

It has become increasingly clear that the media’s coverage of the pandemic is not just biased, it is pure propaganda. One major red flag is they never admit mistakes, even when those mistakes are blatantly obvious.

For example, they made a big deal out of Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats claims that Trump’s travel ban from China was unnecessary and racist. Then, when she changed positions and claimed Trump should have done it sooner, they neglected to mention her earlier accusations that such a thing was unnecessary and racist. To this day they have never publicized the fact that Trump was right about being first in the world to call for a ban on travelers coming to America from China. Apparently, Nancy Pelosi and her allies in the media really think most people are too dumb or indoctrinated to notice something like that.

The media went wild accusing Trump of offering dangerous hope to citizens when the study of HCQ was published by Lancet and NEJM, but now the study was withdrawn due to fraud, and other studies prove that HCQ is effective – there is absolutely no admission of these errors either. This is not just irresponsible, it is dangerous. I’ve talked to several doctors who still refuse to prescribe HCQ believing it is dangerous because of media reporting on the subject. Other doctors are upset that pharmacies refuse to fill prescriptions when they’ve ordered it or inappropriately interrogate them as to why they are prescribing it.

One other glaring example is the coverage Gov. Cuomo got when he consigned thousands of elderly patients to their death in nursing homes, and blamed President Trump for it. When that was proven to be an outright lie, the media completely covered it up. Some ideologically compromised people still blame Trump for what Cuomo did. Fortunately the lie was eventually exposed and not only did Gov. Cuomo lose his job, so did his brother at CNN who was covering for him. The real question is how many people lost their lives because of the Cuomo brothers playing politics.

It is one thing to make a mistake, but quite another to avoid owning up to your mistakes. In fact, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and WHO and sadly, their allies in the media steadfastly refuse to acknowledge their responsibility for the origin of COVID-19 and wildly exaggerated predictions of its seriousness. Instead, the UN and the media continue to defend the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and refuse to report the facts that demonstrate that it is not nearly as dangerous as they originally reported. In fact, they are doubling down on hyping its danger with a “second wave” theory that itself is turning out to be based on fraudulent data. Even that is not enough. Now they are beginning to promote the idea of another pandemic arising with pigs in China. There will be no end until the American economy is destroyed, and radical Marxists are in control.

When it became clear that the WHO had an agenda that was not in the best interests of our country, the President stopped the U.S. funding for the WHO. Considering the damage done by that organization to our world not only in this crisis but many others as well, that decision was long overdue. Nevertheless, the media has gone out of its way to depict Trump’s decision as reckless.

It is also notable how the media is so prone to make people believe that normal healthy adults are at substantial risk of dying. Notice how often reports publicizing the death of some athlete, or some young, vibrant person “struck-down” by COVID-19 are brought into public view, without the public being informed of just how rare such events actually are.

A doctor was on a variety of TV programs repeatedly claiming he was made seriously ill by the virus. He claimed it nearly killed him. Because he is a young man who was in good health when he contracted it, he warned people not to underestimate the danger of the disease. In fact, subsequent testing shows he has no antibodies for the virus, and therefore was never infected with it, but no media reports have informed the public of that fact. This is just one of many examples of how “fear porn” is being used to drive public perception.

Worse yet, those who offer rational arguments that question the mandates in a way that gains public attention are censored harshly. Is this about politics or a virus? Even worse, when experts provide information contrary to the “official” narrative and it begins to gain traction, these people are roundly humiliated. Channels on YouTube and Facebook that dare make such information public find their accounts either demonetized or taken down. Even natural medicine purveyors are threatened that if they dare to encourage customers to take steps to boost their immune systems in the face of the threat, their web sites will be taken down. I know because that is my business and it happened to me and others that I know. Instead, information that is proven to be false is irresponsibly spread by the media and certain politicians to justify a shutdown of the American economy. Any reasonable person has to notice that censorship like this, especially when it is used to aggressively promote a false narrative, is not news, it is unvarnished propaganda.

Now that the nursing home crisis has been exposed, and the fact that HCQ is proven to be a safe and effective treatment, what will the Marxists do to keep the economy shut down? The answer is to perpetuate more fear by promulgating the issue of a “second wave” or perhaps another dangerous pandemic arising from flying pigs in China! They are counting on the fact that people can be shamed into wearing masks and complying with social distancing rules. Those who don’t are made out to be not only irresponsible – they are downright evil. Regardless of the fact that there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that masks or social distancing actually work to “flatten the curve”, the whole idea is based on something they hope the public doesn’t notice.

 The truth is, that there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to demonstrate that transmission of COVID-19 happens between people who are not symptomatic. In fact, a top researcher for the WHO recently admitted that they have no data to suggest that a person who is not symptomatic is infectious. She was immediately disciplined for disclosing this fact, and the very next day, gave a clumsy excuse designed to reformat her previous day’s announcement. Nevertheless, the truth is, that world-wide, after examining the data carefully, researchers and doctors can find no reliable evidence that a non-symptomatic person can infect another person. That being true, why shut down businesses and public gatherings? If someone is obviously ill, avoid them and if you are an employer, don’t let them come to work. Protect the elderly from infection the same way you would from the flu or a cold. That is all that needs to happen.

Observing this dynamic leads to some obvious questions. Why would our media act in concert with liberal politicians to shut down the American economy? Is this about a disease, or is it about consolidating political power? Whether or not you like Donald Trump, his policies, or intend to vote or not vote for him, the implications of this kind of media bias is bone-chilling to anyone who sees themselves as supporting the traditional American values that make living in this country one of the greatest blessings we can ever hope for.

As the facts emerge regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, it completely exposes the fact that the  agenda of the mainstream media is not to give people fair and balanced reporting on the issues, but to push the narratives that fit the agenda of their 6 owners, all of whom are intimately connected with the central bankers of the world. This, along with a truckload of other evidence is painting a picture that says that the central bankers of the world through their ownership of the media, our medical system, our banking system, and the politicians in BOTH parties, are actually the ones behind this latest incarnation of the Marxist globalist progressive movement.

This IS NOT an ungrounded conspiracy theory although it is often labeled as such. That is how they hide. In fact, the evidence exposed by this pandemic as well as a mountain of other evidence is completely overwhelming to anyone who is not ideologically compromised and willing to be responsible for his/her own conclusions after examining the facts. But to do that requires the skills and perspectives that result in clear thinking. Since most of the American public remains confused and fearful a lot of education is required to overcome the propaganda with facts. Propaganda is easy to put out and effective. That is why those with an agenda use it so often. The facts necessary to refute propaganda take a much longer time to emerge but they are stubborn, and usually prevail in the end as long as courageous people are willing to put them out there in the face of those who will hurt you for telling the truth.

There is some good news. A new FDA approved finger-stick test that tests for past and current antibodies is now widely available. Called the IGG/IGM test, it appears to be an easy and reliable way to test for COVID-19. Perhaps now we can start to get some solid data on just who is infected and what the results of that infection might mean in various age groups. The only question is when will the medical system start employing that test, and how will the results be reported? Given the politics, that sadly, remains a concern.

For a clear, concise, up-to-date medical analysis of COVID-19, from a highly respected doctor, click here:


The good news is that there is a lot you can do to protect the health of you and your family. Natural medicines proven to boost your immune system do work. Take them and you will reduce the risk of contracting any virus, and if you do, you won’t get as sick.

First on the list is Vitamin D. Two recent studies reveal that people with higher levels of vitamin D have substantially less risk of coronavirus, and if you are infected, your vitamin D levels determine how sick you get. The correlation between vitamin D and coronavirus is clear. I’ve been telling my patients for years the government’s recommendations are much lower than the amount your body needs. Even if you’re taking the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of 600 IUs, you’re still at serious risk during this pandemic. The good news is that your body’s vitamin D levels can be quickly and easily restored. I recommend my patients take 2 drops of an emulsified version of Vitamin D made by Biotics under their tongue on a daily basis. Called Bio-D-Mulsion Forte, a 1 oz bottle costs less than $20 and will last for months. You can find it here:

 In addition to Vitamin D, several herbs are proven immune system boosters. The first on my list is Olive Leaf Extract. Olive leaf extract is particularly effective for corona viruses (the whole spectrum of cold and flu viruses) when combined with Astragalus root, Licorice root, Cat’s claw, and Bee pollen. For people exposed to any corona virus, I recommend a product I compounded called Flu Subdue™. It combines all of those herbs proven to boost the immune system in a synergistic way. It is offered by Awaken Unlimited. You can find it here:

Second is Elderberry. Evidence suggests that it was cultivated by prehistoric man for its medicinal properties. Ancient Egyptians used it in a number of medicines for respiratory problems. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek known as the “father of medicine,” described the plant as his “medicine chest”.  Modern studies show the health benefits of the elder plant include naturally improving sinus issues, nerve pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, allergies, constipation and even cancer. When used within the first 48 hours of the onset of symptoms the extract even helps relieve and shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms as well. For this reason, the government actually employed the use of elderberry to fight the flu during the 1995 Panama flu epidemic. Research shows that elderberry extract is a safe, efficient and cost-effective treatment for cold and flu symptoms. I use Elderberry paired with another herb that is very hard to come by. It is wild-harvested  near timberline here  in Colorado. Called Osha Root, it is one of the most powerful herbs for the respiratory system that exists. My adult formula also contains Olive Leaf extract, and my children’s formula uses Blueberry in a glycerin formulation. You can find it here:

Finally, if you have been in the public and are concerned that you have been exposed and want to stop the proliferation of the virus in your lungs, use 1 tbsp of SilverWings colloidal silver in a gallon of water in a vaporizer that you leave running near your bed as you sleep through the night. You can find it here:

Do these treatments work? What I can say for sure is that I have many patients who are using these products and to date, nobody I am aware of has contracted COVID-19, or the normal seasonal flu. I have a personal testimony as well.

Four years ago, I contracted the deadly hantavirus after installing a truck bed camper shell that had been left on the ground in a field for several years. It became a home for a lot of field mice and was full of droppings I cleaned up with a hand-held vacuum. (I know now that was a very dumb thing to do.) Because of my age (68 at the time) my doctor demanded I go into the hospital for treatment. He tried to scare me by telling me he also had a 16-year-old boy who contracted the disease as well. He was seriously ill in the hospital. My doctor’s point was that if this young man’s life was in danger, how much more so was mine?

While it was a compelling argument I refused to go into the hospital against his advice. He then tried to talk to my wife telling her I was signing my death warrant. After years of living with me she knew that once my mind was made up it was useless to argue with me. Besides, she has seen enough to know that my judgement about how to treat problems is often to superior to conventional medical advice.

I elected to treat myself with same protocol I would recommend for any patient including staying in bed, taking colloidal silver in a vaporizer and my herbal blends. I was really ill for about 10 days. I coughed up enough stuff out of my lungs to fill a five-gallon bucket, but I survived. The 16-year-old boy died a few days after being admitted to the hospital.

While there can be no guarantee than any medicine will work for you no matter whether it is a natural medicine or a pharmaceutical, what I can tell you for sure is that these natural remedies are proven effective for boosting your immune system and they certainly won’t hurt you. They are also available as bundles for a discount.

You can find them here:


The good news is that there is no need to hunker down under house arrest terrified that you are likely to die if you venture outside. You wouldn’t do that for a thousand other things that are far riskier than this virus. In reality you live in a virtual sea of viruses and bacterial pathogens, many of which are far more dangerous that COVID-19. It is becoming ever more obvious that this is not so much a pandemic, as it is a plandemic, designed to herd the sheep into a corral where they can be politically manipulated, disempowered, and controlled.

What makes it appear legitimate is the coordination of so many organizations including certain governors, mayors, government agencies, health care organizations, working in concert with virtually all of the major media  and digital media outlets. Interestingly, this is all happening in concert with another socialist Marxist push in liberal cities across the country designed to reshape what most of us remember as America into a socialist state.

The important questions are “Who is big enough to do this?” Who is big enough to pull off such a thing, not only here but around the world and why?

Because of my life path I have insight about these questions. Stay tuned and look forward to my next newsletter. The future of our country depends on American citizens waking up!

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Lono Ho'ala