To Book An Appointment - Follow Directions Below

  1. Click on the top left box in the Welcome! pane below to access a list of available services.
  2. Pick a service from the drop-down menu.  
  3. Pick a date from the calendar tab at the top right.
  4. Pick a time (our time) from the clock tab (our location is GMT - 06:00 Mountain Time). Click here to use this handy conversion tool to find our time from your location.
  5. Click "Book Appointment".  A Booking Summary window will open. Check that the time and date are correct, then put in your name, email, and contact number. 

If you have any difficulty, contact our office at 303-647-2055 and we will help. 

Once we receive your booking, we will send you a link for a Zoom Call via email. Follow the directions on that link. Standard rates are $150 per half hour or $250 per hour for a non-member. Free Members enjoy a 25% discount on these services Pledged Members enjoy a 40% discount. Tithed Members enjoy a 50% discount!