Who Are the Mo'o Kahuna?


Mo'o Kahuna are the Hawai'ian version of an extremely ancient priesthood. This priesthood carries the message of Ho'ala Huna also known as HunaWisdom to an unconscious world. 

It is a Message that  has been passed down through generations of Mo'o Kahuna (Dragon Priests) for tens of thousands of years. It is the clearest path to Enlightenment that exists. 

In other cultures and times this priesthood and their Message have been known by other names, but the essence of the Message and how these priests operate remains the same.


The MESSAGE of the Mo'o is that God is the ALL THAT IS (ATI).  That being true, each of us are an integral part of God. Life works best when we live with the realization that ALL beings are part of this ALL THAT IS and we are completely connected with everyone and everything. As Jesus said: "Love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, thy whole soul, and thy whole mind, and Love thy neighbor as thyself."


The PURPOSE of the Mo'o is to heal fear. We do this by reminding people of their Divine nature and by helping people Recognize that we all come here as Divine Beings to enjoy a mirror. This "mirror" we call LIFE allows us to appreciate our Divinity.   This is what Mo'o Kahuna mean when we say:

"The Gods (meaning us as Divine Beings) thirst for MEANING and EXPRESSION!"


As for CHARACTER Mo'o Kahuna have unusual Courage and Integrity. History demonstrates that delivering this message to an unconscious population is a very dangerous job. Real priests are routinely demeaned, tortured and/or killed because of their commitment to deliver this Message. Jesus is an example of what can happen to a Real priest.


Mo'o Kahuna are MOTIVATED BY LOVE. We make this courageous effort because we see the suffering humanity must endure when people align with the many false, proprietary gods promoted by unconscious power-hungry people.

"Wahahe'e priests" or what Native Americans call "coyote priests" can be recognized because they do the opposite of Real priests. These people, whether they be ministers, politicians, or the heads of industries like Big Pharma, instill fear with dogma (beliefs) and use that fear to manipulate people. This is not only unethical, but also dangerous.

Today, because of the weaponry mankind has developed, we live in the most dangerous times humanity has ever faced. People whose beliefs demand loyalty are pitted agains others who have opposite loyalties. The polarity is extreme. Once again the Mo'o Kahuna have emerged to deliver their Message and remind all people of their connection in God. 

As in times past the Message may be ignored - but only at great peril. As Divine beings, each of us have the ability to create more pain than any of us can stand. For that reason we must stand together. About that there is no choice. It is how the Universe is built. The only choice we get is HOW we stand together. We can stand in pain - or in joy. Because we are all connected, it is a choice that none of us can afford to ignore.

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