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Here Is Why

Our World Is Becoming More Dangerous - Day By Day

TECHOLOGY IS A WONDERFUL THING, but there is a terrible downside. In a mistaken belief about what will keep us safe, humanity has developed weapons of mass destruction capable of eradication civilizations - and perhaps even humanity itself. We cannot afford to go further down this path without a seismic shift in human consciousness. Fortunately, there is a way we can eliminate this risk but it will require a complete transformation of our political and religious institutions. 

Biological Weapons

The world's populations were exposed to a dangerous pathogen called COVID - 19 likely developed in a lab funding banned gain-of-function research. This exposed not only how dangerous this kind of research is, but also how widespread these kinds of facilities are and how irresponsibly they are operated. 

Nuclear Weapons

Today's nuclear weapons carry hundreds, if not thousands of times the explosive power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Worse yet is that this horrible destructive capacity has spread to many nations run by tyrants with no social conscience. Even more troubling is the possibility of an EMP attack where just one weapon exploded high above our country could destroy our entire electric grid and all the devices attached to it. Restoring power would take years. Most people would not survive.

Cyber Weapons

Cyber Warfare is far more dangerous than many people suppose. Cyber weapons are capable of derailing trains carrying toxic materials, destroying our electric power grid, disabling our defenses, and disrupting transportation. 

While advances in weaponry is ominous, many people think the most dangerous threat facing our world are the godless billionaires who believe they can take on the role of shaping the world into their image.

Do you trust that these people have your highest and best interests in mind?

Roughly 1% of the world's population owns nearly 50% of the world's wealth and the disparity is increasing year-by-year. 

Just a few billionaires control the banking system, the energy industry, Big Agra, Big Pharma, the major media outlets, and much more. Through grants to universities they control our educational system. Through donations to political campaigns they control our politics on BOTH SIDES of the aisle.

As George Soros has proved by funding the election of district attorney's who won't prosecute crimes, people with this kind of wealth have the power to do great damage. Now, through organizations like the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, they are creating the most powerful cabal of fascist tyrants our world has ever witnessed.

George Soros

Open Societies Foundation

Bill Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Klaus Schwab

World Economic Forum

Jacob Rothschild

The Rothschild Banking Dynasty

There is a proven way to rebuild our families, protect individual privacy and freedoms, and preserve capitalism while at the same time eliminate the ability of the ultra-wealthy to control our politics and industry.

Let Us Help You Build A Healthy Family!

The agenda of those who would be tyrants has always been to destroy the value of a traditional family as their first order of business. People dependent upon government are far easier to control. To solidify that control, tyrants either use religions either deny the existence of God so they can fill that role, or they use religions to

Our Vision

We are a Reality-based system of wisdom, not a belief-based religion. You don't need to suspend your common-sense to participate. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to help our world wake-up to the fact that we are all a part of the one God who is the ALL THAT IS. Being a part of the ALL THAT IS our job is to treat every other part of the ALL THAT IS with the respect due a fellow Divine being. This is the only way humanity will ever find the peace and prosperity that is our birthright.

Our Values

We acknowledge the Truth that there is only one God, the God that is the ALL THAT IS. All things are a part of and made entirely of God so all things are Divine. That includes all people regardless of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, religion (or lack thereof) or political leaning. This means that everyone and everything deserves the respect due a fellow Divine being.

Our Strategy

 Besides supporting the health, education, and welfare of each of its members, healthy families help their members live by certain values. Here are the values we espouse and encourage our members to live by.

What makes the Eagle's Nest Family One of the World's Leading Providers of Spiritual Support in our world!

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"Creating a stress-free life full of joy just got a lot easier!"

Learning how to make life-affirming choices is important. You can't make great choices if you can't see them. That is the purpose of enlightenment, or what some people call "High-Order Awareness."  Learn how to transform your life with our courses in Personal Spiritual Growth, obtain a state of vibrant health with what you will learn in Health, Nutrition, and Wellness,  enjoy life-affirming relationships with our course in Healthy Family & Relationships, and become a more responsible citizen with our course in Enlightened Social Values.

Best of all, learn how to apply these skills by collaborating with others around the world who are on the same path as yourself in our Member's Area. Discuss what you are learning in our Eagle's Nest Family Member's Community, and when you are ready, become a full-tithe paying member to enjoy a leadership role,

The Eagle's Nest Family is the membership arm of the HunaWisdom Foundation. It is here that our members get educated, find the ability to meet each other, and learn how to cooperate as a cohesive family.

We teach the skills and perspectives that lead to personal enlightenment, political consciousness, wellness and self-reliance. We also provide forums where our members can give their thoughts, talents, and efforts to the Family for the benefit of all.

Explore The Most Effective Path To Enlightenment That Exists

EagleVision™ Heals Lives and Sets Souls Free!

EagleVision™ comes from learning the perspectives and skills you need to become more awake today than you were yesterday - everyday for the rest of your life!

Experience the gift that comes to us from an ancient people who created the most conscious culture the world has ever known. The pre-Ali'i Hawai'ians called it Ho'ala Huna, words that mean: 

"That which causes an awakening to the sacred knowledge of Reality."  

Today we call their way of looking at life HunaWisdom™.
We share these skills and perspectives in our series of classes known as the "Way of Wisdom." These classes are the most powerful way to unlock EagleVision™ that exists.

Discover how EagleVision™ can transform your life, your relationships, and our world!

The Eagle's Nest Family ('Ohana)

'Ohana (Oh-Ha-Nah) is a Hawai'ian word that means family. To old-world Hawai'ians, your true family is not about shared blood or genetics. Your true family consists of those people who see the world as you do. Your family shares your values. 

Our 'ohana (family) is composed of people who are dedicated to the path of Awakening. Are you? If so, we hope you find your home with us. We are called "Hunists" because our path is rooted in Reality-based wisdom. "Huna" is a Hawai'ian word that means:

"The secret or sacred knowledge of Reality that wants to burst forth"

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