Our Values

Besides supporting the health, education, and welfare of each of its members, healthy families help their members live by certain values. Here are the values we espouse and encourage our members to live by.

How We See God

We affirm the existence of a supreme being or creator spirit in much the same way as this idea was referred to as "nature's God" by America's Founders. 

We define that "natures God" as the ALL THAT IS or Reality (with a capital "R") to distinguish it from our beliefs or opinions about what we think is real (which we designate with a small "r".)

We do not see this ALL THAT IS in anthropomorphic (man-like) terms, but rather as an expression of ultimate consciousness that lives in perfect harmony with all elements of itself (our definition of Love) throughout all space and time.

How We See Ourselves

We see all people as well as all things as a part of this ALL THAT IS. For that reason we see all people - no matter what they believe or how they express - as undeniable parts of that ALL THAT IS. 

Because we use the word "Divine" to refer to any part of that ALL THAT IS, we see all people as Divine regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religion, political views, or economic status, and therefore deserving the kind of respect due any Divine being.

While we acknowledge certain behaviors as "evil", we do not see any person as fundamentally "evil". Some of us are just more conscious than others.

How We See Our World

Our world is our home during this dream we call life. We affirm that all aspects of our world are a part of God, Divine, and therefore worthy of the respect due anything Divine. 

This includes the earth itself as well as everything that lives upon it.

God built this world so that every creature lives by eating some other kind of creature so killing other creatures for food (whether animals, fish, plants, or even insects), or even cutting down a tree to clear the land, make a home, or boat, must be done by first obtaining permission from the spirit of the creature we are about to kill. 

How We See Life

We see life as a game called "Let's Wake Up!" It is a game composed of choices and consequences. As Divine beings we all come here to play the game. 

Life energy flows where Reality is. When we make poor choices that are not in harmony with Reality or the ALL THAT IS we get pain. 

Pain is a perfect gift from a perfect Universe/ It is the medicine that helps us to wake up. When we Love, we make choices that are in Harmony with Reality and enjoy the increased flow of life energy such Loving choices bring.

Our job in this dream is to do Love.