Who Are The New Ali'i?

17 Jun 2021 11:43 AM By Lono Ho'ala

Who Are The "New Ali'i"?

Unless you are completely unconscious, you can see the problems for yourself. 
  • The human race now has the weaponry to destroy itself.
  • We are in the process of destroying our planet, which is our home. 
  • Our population has never been more divided and addicted to positional ways of looking at one another.

These problems are no accident. They are the result of a dedicated effort on the part of an uber-rich "elite" that has been going on for decades, if not centuries. I call these people the "new Ali'i, because that is how an ancient prophecy describes what is happening to our modern world.

By controlling our educational system, these elite make sure our schools no longer teach the principles of clear thinking. Few people today are capable of distinguishing their intuition (capacity to Recognize Truth) from their feelings and their thoughts, or the tremendous value in learning how to do so. These are the many beautiful people who form the "silent majority". They are silent not because they don't care, but because they are confused. They don't know what to make of a world in which the elite-controlled media reframes lies as truth, crimes as efforts to achieve social justice, and a two-tiered system of justice (one for them and another for the rest of us) as appropriate. Nor do beautiful people want to disagree with any narrative deemed "politically correct" by the elite because if they do they will be called "racist" or some other pejorative term. So they quietly stand by and allow the insanity to go unchallenged because they don't know what to do about it. This is how the silent majority become the sheep that the elite intends them to be. 

  • By controlling our entertainment industry the "new Ali'i" cause our children to see other people as "objects" to be used and manipulated for sex, money, or political power - not fellow Divine beings deserving of honor and respect.
  • In the name of "fairness" the elite are striving to seduce unconscious people with promises of things for which they did not work at the expense of those who are productive. This tactic is designed to bankrupt our nation. It is also used to deter political leaders who are denigrated mercilessly as "heartless" or "doing the bidding of the rich" if they oppose the many social programs that are constantly being proposed - regardless of the burden such programs will impose on the productive citizens of the country. In reality, these programs are nothing more than another form of legalized slavery.
  • These elite work relentlessly to create division based on gender, race, religion, sexual preference, political affiliation, age, economic status, country of origin, and more. This division keeps the citizenry weak, fighting among ourselves over things that are a diversion from the real problem that is the tyranny the elite are imposing.
  • The elite's agenda is to render American citizenship meaningless by erasing national borders and diluting the value of citizenship by granting illegal immigrants preferential legal treatment while working to diminish the value of a citizen's vote through programs that encourage voter fraud. This is a high priority for them because America was established as a "bottom-up" type of government (meaning the people are deemed to have the rights that come to them from God, then delegate those rights to government. This doesn't work for them because they are focused on creating a "top-down" system of government like those of the kings, emperors, and tyrants of old. In this kind of government the "king/elite/new Ali'i" have all the rights and the only rights the common man has is what these people choose to give them.
  • These  use the world's banking system and globalist organizations they control to pit nations against one another and use the fear of war and pandemics to drive people like sheep into their globalist corral.

They can succeed only if they are able to convince people that their essential rights come from governments (which they control) and not from God. They must also convince people that a person's value comes from what others think of them and not how well they live in harmony with God's law that is the foundation of our universe.

Taking the path that leads to freedom always requires great courage and strength. These are the spiritual gifts born of Enlightenment. HunaWisdomâ„¢ offers a path of immense power because it is the clearest path to Enlightenment that exists. 

It is fascinating to realize that an an ancient Hawai'ian prophecy actually warns us of this problem. That prophecy states that in our modern times, a power-hungry "new Ali'i" would plot to destroy a modern country that had become very prosperous and powerful due to its founding ideas that all people are connected in God and that God is the ultimate and sole source of human rights and not government. It also warns us that the health, education, and welfare of the citizenry is the rightful role of the family - not the government. When we forget that lesson, tyranny is not far off.

As in times past, this new Ali'i would reject any concept that puts any form of God at the center of our world.  To avoid dealing with such a problematic issue requires that the notion of  "God" be relegated to superstition.There can be no debate that the goal of secular humanism is to remove God from any conversation about human rights.    Without "God" the notion of human rights coming from God is impossible - thereby leaving government as the sole source of human rights. This is the avowed goal of the many forms of Marxism whether it is called socialism, communism, or the new innocuous sounding term - global progressivism. No matter the name, the goal is the same, and that is to establish a form of top-down government like that of the kings and dictators of old to replace the bottom-up form of government that was the system that made America a synonym for freedom.

Progressivism, Marxism, Socialism and other names that point to government as the sole source of rights instead of God are trademarks of what is called the "left" in modern day politics. Our goal here is not to make the "left" or those who prefer to identify as "leftists" bad or wrong. We are just stating a fact and as HunaWisdom points out,facts matter and accurate facts presented in context are critical to distinguish ultimate Reality (with a capital "R") aka Truth from our myriad of personal realities (with a small "r") that do not accurately reflect the ultimate Reality or Truth.    Being able to distinguish the difference is vital because to the degree our small "r's" differ from the big "R", we get pain. Pain is a perfect part of the ALL THAT IS because pain contains a gift called Humility.    When we have enough pain we become humble and look for higher perspectives than those to which we are addicted.    With higher perspectives comes the ability to see choices that will work better to flow life energy, which is the only medicine for pain.

Because human beings are unwilling to let go of their precious freedoms without a good reason, all those who want to promote a top-down system of government must paint a deceptive picture to sell their vision. This is where the media becomes important. That is why in every socialist/communist revolution, objective journalism is destroyed and is replaced with propaganda. To get people to buy into the propaganda, multiple media sources must be placed in the hands of the elite and those who won't buy into the propaganda must be aggressively censored. Again, this has happened in every country that has been taken over by this "new ali'i" and it is happening in America now. To anyone who has been alive for more than a few decades, it is obvious. Major news sources like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, NBC, and most of the others are no longer purveyors of news, but aggressively sell their brands with propaganda designed to sow fear and mistrust of anything that represents the truth as well as exploit divisions between people based on skin color, gender, sexual preference, or country of origin.

One of the best ways to bring a country down is by debasing its money supply.    This is done by creating social programs and government agencies that must be fed with money that comes from debt. As this debt explodes beyond the capacity of the economy to support it, the government must resort to printing the money. Without productivity to back it, over time the currency becomes worthless. Through a banking system controlled by the new Ali'i, financing the debt transfers billions and now even trillions of dollars a year into the pockets of the new Ali'i, all of which becomes a hidden tax on the common people who are forced to watch their salary and savings become progressively more worthless and their standard of living evaporate before their eyes. This is why once middle class people in a formerly rich country like Venezuela are now rooting through trash cans in search of something to eat for their families. A few people have become very wealthy while the majority of the citizenry are poverty-striken. I know because a young lady I've come to love dearly escaped from Venezuela with her family and now lives in Salida Colorado where I was born.

Of course, if more people were aware of how this all works the new Ali'i couldn't get away with it. That is where control of the educational system comes in. The "new Ali'i" use their many billions to fund our major schools and universities with lucrative grants. In exchange, these hallowed halls of "education" hire teachers who will tow the party line and make sure their students are subjected to "cancel culture" brain-washing, a new form of racism promoted by communist organizations like "Black Lives Matter", anti-capitalistic rants, and encouraged to go to the streets to protest against any effort to enforce border security, laws that prevent voter fraud, or most especially politicians who advocate for things that are necessary to keep the country and the values that created its prosperity and strength. 

These "new Ali'i" also have worked to gain control of industry by using their billions to advocate for laws that permit global monopolistic corporations to control the supply chain. By doing this small business are forced to lay off their employees and close their doors by the thousands. Add to this the fact that the banks (pretty much all of them now) owned or controlled by the "new Ali'i" won't lend to small businesses or small farmers, so the production of real wealth is increasingly concentrated into the hands of these global mega-billionaires. This is far more dangerous than most people suspect, because it allows for very painful manipulations of the population to happen before people can do anything about it.

So who are the "new Ali'i." It would be a mistake to categorize them as belonging to one political party or another. In fact, these people own all political parties of any significance either through outright bribes or blackmail. They own the financial system, they control our educational institutions, they control our justice system, the medical industry, the entertainment industry, and the media. What do all these things have in common? It is money - lots and lots of money. In fact, these "new Ali'i" are globalist multi-billionaires who are convinced that they are the new "sons and daughters of the gods "except their gods are money and power.

The uber-rich people are arrogant, in that they are completely convinced that they know what is best for this world. After all, they must be smarter than anybody because they have more money than "god." Many of them travel to Davos Switzerland to attend the conferences of the World Economic Forum led by a man named Klaus Schwab. Other members include the heads of the central banks, the world's largest global corporations, as well as representatives of the Communist Chinese Party.

As with Pa'ao of old, these people are drunk with their power, and have no qualms about how their social engineering efforts hurt the common person. Anyone who doesn't agree with them must be denied a platform, marginalized, their reputations ruined, and their families hurt socially and economically. What else they have in common is a rejection of the idea that there is a God who is the ALL THAT IS, who designed our world along the lines of Principles that reflect the ultimate law of Love or "Aloha." 

While they may be clever and have unlimited wealth to put behind their agendas, when it comes to morality they are hopelessly lost and like any person who is unconscious - where they are unconscious they don't know it. As HunaWisdomâ„¢ teaches us: "Knowledge without power is useless, and power without knowledge is dangerous." These people have incredible power so just like the Ali'i of old, they are incredibly dangerous. 

Like the Ali'i of old, they are tyrants who are intent on remaking our world in their image. Because they are not aware of the Principles God uses to run this world, their schemes are destined to fail. The only question is how much pain must we all endure before they are dethroned? Will we do the job in our generation, or will we abandon our responsibility to future generations who will live unnecessarily harsh lives until they finally cast them off and restructure our society to respect the sacred space of every individual.

Lono Ho'ala