Gun Control

04 Sep 2019 04:26 PM By Lono Ho'ala

All Blog Posts require common sense to understand them. Unfortunately, common sense in this culture is not so common. That is what happens when emotions override one's ability to think clearly and touch the Divine part of you that can Recognize Truth. If you are the kind of person who says "That is just who I am" or "I go by my gut" or similar statements that reflect a profound state of unconsciousness, you are probably experiencing difficulties and unnecessary pain in your life. If so, and if you want to transcend that hell you are creating for yourself, you are advised to check out our Member's Area and study how your emotional self, your thinking self, and your Divine self interact and operate. You may do so by joining here. All that is required is a monthly pledge that can be for any amount that works for you. The only thing you have to lose is pain.

The only answer to mass shootings

It is a fact that every person comes into this world with sacred space. It is also a fact that each person is responsible for defending his/her sacred space from those who would violate it. Love demands it. Sadly, there are people out there who are sociopaths. They have no regard for the sacred space of others. Love requires they be stopped when their behavior violates the sacred space of others.

Part of our spiritual nature is what HunaWisdom calls the Ku (the dimension of us that feels things.) Ku (the subconscious self) is not bright. It is like the hard-drive of a computer. It holds all the programs in deep-seated memory. The Ku is very literal. It connects the dots it has available in a very direct way. To the Ku, Gun = Danger. Therefore, to eliminate Danger, eliminate Guns. Sadly, like other such connections, it is far too simplistic. It doesn't properly account for all the facts so it won't work to curb gun violence.

The correct equations are:

Gun = object. Objects by themselves are not dangerous. People use objects. How people use objects creates any danger that might exist. A rock, knife, or baseball bat is not dangerous until used by a person either carelessly or for harm. A car, a truck, or an airplane is not dangerous unless it is used by a person either carelessly or for harm. Neither is a gun dangerous until it is used by a person carelessly or for harm.

More facts:

People have a right to defend themselves. Because one person is irresponsible or sociopathic, does not make it moral to deprive another person of that right which comes to him/her from God, the ALL THAT IS, of which he/she is a part. In other words, someone's irresponsibility does not mean that all people are irresponsible or that they should be deprived of their most effective means of self-defense. 

If a person is a sociopath determined to hurt others, they can do it with a gun, a rock, a knife, a baseball bat, a car, a truck or an airplane. They can do it with a rock dropped off a building or freeway overpass, they can do it with poison in someone's food or drink, or a myriad of other ways. This, being true, means that focusing on the instrument of harm is not likely to have much of a positive effect on public safety. 

To make any difference, the object of our attention needs to be the person. 

Why do people become so sociopathic that they are willing or even eager to kill innocent persons they don't even know? Obviously, these people feel estranged from society. They feel irrelevant or even hated, so they hate in return. I would submit that in most cases, the reason they feel irrelevant is that they have not enjoyed much parental or societal attention. What they have learned is that blowing someone away in a video game = a reward. Like a dog after a treat, they do what it takes to get the reward. Over time, the reward needs to be more and more compelling or things get boring. If you want to avoid boredom, there is nothing like shooting up a movie theatre or school full of innocent young people to get your blood going.

This boredom happens when people don't have a more positive life path that is appealing to them. It is what happens when people aren't taught the value of integrity, responsibility, or the joy of loving service. To teach these things are the reason the Eagle's Nest 'Ohana supports its members to focus on their personal priesthood path. This is the best medicine for sociopathy. Read about our priesthood path in our Member's Only Section and ask yourself the question, "Is a person sincerely engaged in mastering their personal priesthood responsibilities more or less likely to be sociopathic?" The answer is obvious. 

Lono Ho'ala