The Government Is Tickling A Tiger

10 Aug 2022 07:13 PM By Lono Ho'ala

The Government Is Tickling ATiger

It has been very difficult to watch our country descend into third-world status as the progressive movement continues its attempt to destroy America completely. What just happened at Mir a Lago was completely unnecessary, and reveals a predisposition to tyranny on the part of a government that despises democracy in that the powers that be have decided it is up to them who Americans should have on a ballot.

Those who support what is happening are low-order thinkers if they think they, or anyone else, is going to benefit by what is happening.

Our country was created by a courageous group of human patriots who decided it was time to replace the historic dynamic of rulers by kings and tyrants (a top down form of government that is always dysfunctional), to rule by the citizens, (a bottom up form of government.) To do it cost these patriotic Americans their fortunes, and millions of people their lives.

Tyrants can never tolerate a bottom-up form of government so they will lie, cheat, steal, or do anything to gain and consolidate power. That is precisely what is happening today. Megalomaniac billionaires have gained control of our schools, our media, our banks, our largest corporations, our health-care system, and BOTH political parties as well as the bureaucracy that supports them.

Here are just a few of the lies that they keep spouting, and their idiot supporters are not smart enough to see through:

1. Inflation is caused by greedy businesspeople and wars abroad. 
FALSE: The ONLY cause of inflation is the result of an imbalance between the money supply and productivity of goods and services. Government controls both - the money supply through the FED financing its profligate spending, and regulations that either stimulate or shut down productivity. In fact, inflation is nothing more than a hidden tax, and it is one of the most evil taxes because it hurts the poorest among us the most.

Like him or hate him, one of the most effective things Trump did to keep inflation low and productivity high was to dramatically cut government regulations. This lowered oil prices, transportation costs, and many other things. That is why our economy was booming under Trump and went down the toilet when Biden restored all of those regulations - the vast majority of which result in lining of the pockets of the billionaires - just like his most recent "inflation reduction act" that will actually add dramatically to inflation.

2. The United States is a capitalistic country.
FALSE: The United States was set up as a capitalistic country, but over her history the special interests have succeeded in creating our country to be a crony-capitalistic operation. 

Crony capitalism is what happens when licensing and regulations cause certain groups to have an unfair advantage in the market place. Examples include what happened during the Corona Virus pandemic where big business was allowed to operate (Wal-Mart, Amazon, Home Depot, etc.) while small businesses were forced to shut down. Millions of middle-class small business owners lost their life savings - not because of the pandemic - but because of government crony capitalism.

Other examples are a legal system where the least wealthy cannot afford the lawyers it takes to defend themselves against the very wealthy or government overreach. The sad truth is that today in America, justice costs money, and the person or people with the most money get the justice, and the people who don't get the shaft.

Here is what is Real. Capitalism is the heart of free-enterprise, and free-enterprise is the key to a prosperous nation. Crony capitalism is a disease promulgated by government that sooner or later will destroy any country. Blaming the damage on "capitalism" as socialists are fond of doing is like blaming cow-farts for global warming.

3. The Constitution is an outmoded document.
FALSE: The United States Constitution is based on Principles that are eternally True for ALL PEOPLE no matter where or when they live. These Principles include the idea that people get their rights from God - not government, and that government is inherently dangerous, and becomes ever more dangerous the bigger it gets.

That is why our Constitution provides for separation of powers and limits the power of the Federal government through federalism, which means the states have the powers not expressly delegated to the Federal government. Because of a very poor educational system, most people don't know what federalism is or why it is important. We'll discuss that in a future blog.

The left is doing all it can to demean and/or marginalize these ideas because it stands in the way of the megalomaniac billionaires whose goal is to destroy American ideas of free enterprise and re-install another top-down form of government. What is hilarious is that they call their movement the "Progressive" movement. In fact, the truth is that it is a "regressive" movement in that it wants the world to return to the days of elite rulers by destroying the progress humanity made by creating America to be "one nation, founded under God, with liberty and justice for all." That idea doesn't work for them.

I could go on and on, but the lies told by our current administration, its nearly complete lack of transparency, and now its weaponization of government agencies to go against political opponents are now obvious to anyone with a brain above an oyster.

Guess who is the next target after Trump? It is the MORE THAN 88% of Americans (according to a July 6th, 2022 poll by Forbes magazine) who think the country is on the wrong track. Why would they think that? How about elections that are not transparent nor fair, a Justice Department that has been caught in lie after lie, an Administration that lies about the border crisis being under control, lies about the cause of inflation, lies about the "Inflation Reduction Act" that would be better named the "Inflation Production Act", and lies about an abysmal foreign policy record that has made America the laughing stock of the world - just to name a few.

If you are a liberal who thinks questioning an election is OK when Democrats do it but not when Trump supporters or Republicans do it, how to you respond to these facts?

Fact: The Justice Department and the FBI promoted the whole Trump collusion story, obtained phony FISA warrants, and political leaders on the Democratic left like Shumer, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and others, as well as certain Republicans like Liz Cheney on the right, knowingly lied day after day to America about what they knew to gain political traction. All this while truth-tellers were dismissed as "conspiracy theorists." Like so many "conspiracy theories", those theories turned out to be true.
Was that election meddling? Absolutely, and the majority of Americans have awakened to the fact they were lied to and they don't trust the government now. Surprise, surprise.

Was it election meddling when the FBI and government operatives in the CIA and NSA all claimed the Hunter Biden laptop "evidence" of Joe Biden's corruption was just Russian disinformation before the election? Absolutely.

Is it election meddling when the liberal mainstream media refuse to report fairly on these scandals involving democrats, yet report ad nauseum on what proved to be phony allegations? Absolutely. 

Trump would undoubtedly be President right now had those things not happened. If you are one of those who think that the end (getting Trump out) justified the means (the promulgation of lies and disinformation) you have no standing in any reasonable discussion of American politics. Depart from the table with your tail between your legs and crawl back into the dark hole you mistake for your home.

Now, under the control of progressive liberals, the government will be coming after anyone who identifies as "conservative", or who supports any sort of "America First" idea. You will be branded as dangerous, hunted, persecuted, marginalized, and silenced. In fact, it is already happening.

What do you think will happen to you when the government gets another 87,000 IRS agents who will be tasked to further destroy what is left of the American "middle-class". Once this is completed there will be as many IRS agents as there are people in the National Guard - all ready to persecute those who hold conservative views. They've already done that. Do you believe they won't be used politically in the future? If you do, you are a fool.

If you identify as a liberal, especially a progressive liberal, if you continue to support the efforts of these billionaires to replace America with a one-world government, you will be assisting in the destruction of the greatest human experience mankind has ever enjoyed.

If you are willing to throw away the idea that people get their rights from God - not government, because you don't like the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision or any other issue, you are a fool. When America resembles China or Venezuela, you can explain your idiocy to your children who will be living in poverty under tyranny, fighting wars so oligarchs can be even wealthier.

America's problems, and we do have them and will always have them, are far more easily solved within the system than by replacing our system with billionaire tyrants who could care less about your welfare.

I can't know for sure, but Biden appears to me to be suffering from a case of cognitive impairment that leaves me wondering who is really responsible for the continuing disasters he is being blamed for. Half the time he refers to himself as "vice-president" and he can't even remember who he shook hands with even a few seconds before. It is very sad to watch.

Whether it is he or a very dangerous group of people who control him, they are bringing this country to the brink of a civil war. It is not smart to demonize half of our citizenry, especially the half that is the most productive and that cherishes their freedoms the most.
Keep tickling that tiger and like the Japanese, you may succeed in awakening a giant that will insist on reclaiming the America they once knew, loved, and are willing to fight and die for.

If you are a progressive liberal, is that something you want to face? You can bloviate and spout your idiotic utopian ideas all you want now, but when America falls, the Reality will be a horrible nightmare for everyone. Either way it turns out, when you will get what you are asking for, it won't be pretty.

Lono Ho'ala