Help Us Grow And Earn Referral Fees - It's a "win-win" deal!

The ideas and values our Eagle's Nest Family teaches and supports are critical if we are to heal the divisions that are so prevalent in our world today. Our approach to teaching these values and supporting our members and their families to live by them is inspired by the "aloha" spirit and lifestyle that caused the earliest Hawai'ians (known as the "Mo'o") to create the most conscious culture the world has ever known. There were no kings, no armies, no wars, no police, and very little crime for over 1,500 years. This is a track record never challenged by any western culture. Our world needs to adopt these same ideas and values if humanity is to avoid some serious pain. To learn more about these ideas and values go here.

What It Is:

In order to grow our family, we offer a Branch Development Program that all regular and tithe-paying members can join. Refer someone who joins and you will receive 20% referral fee on any purchases made from the HunaWisdom Foundation.

How It Works:

If you want to participate in our Branch Development Program as an Affiliate, all you need to do is be a regular or tithe-paying member and check off the box on your application that tells us you are interested. Once we see that we will send you your unique affiliate link.

When a user first visits our Way of Wisdom site, we place a cookie in their browser. If they came in through an affiliate link, that information is recorded in the cookie, which lasts for 30 days. If that same user returns at any point over the next 30 days, the cookie is not modified or updated; only the first visit is relevant. After 30 days, the cookie expires, and their next visit will create a new one, following the same rules.

When that user creates an actual account on our site, we check the cookie to see if they should be associated with an existing Affiliate.

So in order for a student account to be associated with an Affiliate, they must have visited our site for the first time from your unique Affiliate link. If your referred student visited the site previously on their own, without signing up, but returned within 30 days via an Affiliate link, they will not end up associated with that Affiliate.

The account does not need to make any purchases, or even enroll in any products; the link between account and Affiliate is made as soon as the account is created, and persists indefinitely.